Cheat Happens Review: Rise of the Argonauts

CH writes: "For the first hour or so of playing through Rise of the Argonauts, I couldn't help but think how uninspired it was. Then it hit me – I was wrong. Argonauts is truly an inspired work; it was clearly inspired by hit titles such as God of War and Rome: Total War. The only problem is that the developers at Codemasters failed to retain any bit of what made these games enjoyable, and instead gave us a miss-mash of tired clichés that misses even the fundamental elements of the genres it tries so hard to combine.

Set in ancient Greece, Rise of the Argonauts takes much of its storyline directly from those mythology stories you thought you forgot after you graduated. Players will assume the familiar role of Jason the Greek King, whose wife has been murdered. Like any true mythological king, Jason sets forth for vengeance and kills the assassin and searches for the golden Fleece, believed to harness the power of resurrection and thus the only way to bring his Queen back. On your quest you'll recruit your Argonauts and do battle with everything from mortals to mythical creatures and even the gods of Olympus themselves."

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