WorthPlaying Review: Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals

WP writes: "Monster training games always reside in the shadow of Nintendo's goliath Pokémon series. Sure, there are some games that escape the ever-present shadow, but very few of them manage to attain the all-ages appeal of Pokémon . Digimon is perhaps the only competitor that comes close, and it has been quite silent in recent years, with only a handful of games that failed to attract even a fraction of the attention that was showered upon Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. It seemed as if Pokémon was destined to rule the monster trainer universe for ages to come. Yet there is one dark horse that seems able to challenge Pokémon for the monster trainer crown: Disney's Spectrobe's franchise. Already on its second game, Spectrobes has pretty strong following and a lot of interesting ideas, but do interesting ideas translate into interesting gameplay?"

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