PS3 wireless keypad; worth it? PS3 Attitude review...

PS3 Attitude writes: "Are you one of those people who like to chat away in your favourite multi-player lobby, within Home or via messaging on the XMB?

For as long as the PS3 has been around, a proper keyboard has been the best way to handle the situation. But a full size keyboard means you have to stop using the controller and grab a separate device.

So is the new Wireless Keypad the answer to all your chatting needs?"

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rbanke3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

My wife picked one up for me for christmas, It's nice and out of the way (very small).

I like my wireless keyboard better because i can type much faster, but the chatpad is much more convienent. I suppose that is the basic pros and cons of all chatpads in relation to a full keyboard though. Basically if you want a keyboard, but not a full size keyboard taking up space in you're living room, its a good buy.

BTW, i keep seeing reviews about this talking about how the touchpad feature doesnt work that great. When you pick one up, the manual says that you need to calibrate it (hit a few buttons at once). After i calibrated mine, it works just as well as a trackpad on a laptop, i wonder if people reviewing these have not been calibrating theirs. (you never hear them mention that)

Mr_Bun3512d ago

My only beef with this keypad is that the buttons aren't backlit...I play in a dimly lit room and I have a hard time seeing the letters. Other than that it is solid.

DolphGB3512d ago

The touchpad was calibrated, and as the review says the feature works fine. In fact, we point out that for certain websites, it is better than using the d-pad (which is supposed to be a shortcut, hopping from hyperlink to hyperlink).

Calibration doesn't change the speed of the mouse though - an option to control that would be nice as my personal preference would be to make it faster.

thereapersson3512d ago

How comfortable is it to type on in relation to the location of the chatpad on the controller? I know the 360 pad is really easy to use because of the ergonomic location of it being on the bottom of the 360 gamepad, thus your thumbs are more in a natural position when typing.

The reviewer sounds mostly pleased with his experience using the chatpad, but I'd like to hear some other user opinions on the device.

rbanke3512d ago

@DolphGB, i was more referring to most of the reviews in general, not this particular one. Also, in the ps3 menus there are settings for mouse pointer speed ;)

Mr_Bun3512d ago

I haven't picked up the chat pad for my 360 (yet) but I don't have any comfort issues with it being above the controller as opposed to the chat pad.

DolphGB3512d ago

I learn something new every day - thanks for that. Wasn't made aware of the option and, I'll admit, I didn't go looking too hard for it ;-)

Pennywise3512d ago

Bun, that is my only problem with it. I bought this thing for everyone I know with a PS3 for Xmas and they all love it. I had problems typing in the dark though.

himdeel3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

...were back lit or at least the letters on the keys glowed in the dark to make typing in low light easier. I considered purchasing this recently but decided against it since I prefer to make my first non-controller accessory purchase the bluetooth mic. Nevertheless, I expect that we'll see SONY upgrade this keypad eventually, after all we're on the DualShock 3 now aren't we...

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dazzalfc3512d ago

...but i'm not a huge fan on how it looks. It could work great, but i dunno, i'm in two minds about it it to be honest. As others have said, i'd probably have to hear more user reviews on it before getting it or doing without.

Brodiesan3512d ago

I still think it looks ... cumbersome.

thereapersson3512d ago

But I recommend trying it out first before you make a real judgement

thereapersson3512d ago

It looks like all the Amazon reviews are favorable thus far...

I might buy one of these considering my wireless keyboard's batteries are dead and I don't want to feed it any more.

Raoh3512d ago

i agree. i like the convenience of it. the weight. its out of the way of your controller buttons.

but the keys not being backlit are the only drawback.

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