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Bnet3433422d ago

So no more Metal Gear?

Mainman3422d ago

Not sure I like where this is going man. I really hope Koji wont go multi-platform. We allready have enough devs making multi-platform games.

Keep making exclusive games Koji!!! And keep the Japanese feel/atmosphere in your games!!! Quality over Quantity Kojima!!!!!

guiltyspark3422d ago

This is the only place on the internet where you will find kids begging developers to forget about buisness and instead lose money to keep games exclusive

sak5003422d ago


LOL rightly said. I can see petition in near future.

Mainman3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )


Not sure what you think of me, but Kojima really should stay making platform exclusive games, regardless of platform. Lets face it, platform exclusive games > multi-platform games.

This is the only game developer I am actually a fan of. Whichever platform he goes, I go. So excuse me for wanting my favorite dev to keep doing what he has been doing, instead of selling out just to get a few dollars more.

Yeah, I guess you are right, I guess I AM hoping that he will put business in second place (like how he has always done) and keep choosing for quality.

And lol at losing money, you think Kojima loses money on his projects? I HIGHLY doubt it.

Milky Joe3422d ago

You're saying that from the point of view of the consumer, we shouldn't want developers to make the best game they can? If that means staying exclusive or not, it still comes down to people wanting better games.

I'm a little nervous about this whole thing tbh. I just hope that Kojima Productions don't lose their identity in this reset.

Halochampian3422d ago

mainman- "Lets face it, platform exclusive games > multi-platform games."

Call of Duty disagrees along with Fallout 3 and many other titles.

Faztkiller3422d ago

they more than likly would have been better if exclusive
Halo3 > cod 4&5 < R2 and killzone 2 imo

hazeblaze3422d ago

This is really sad news... I'm almost sure we can count on this meaning Kojima Productions releasing multiplatform games from now on.

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spunnups3422d ago

it sounds a little like they may go multiplatform, not just the 360 but the Wii as well. That would be devastating to the quality of games, we all saw what he did on the PS3 only, you can't match that type of quality when you go Multiplat. I'm hoping the meaning is they will stay PS3 only, and just make a new IP.

Ju3422d ago

He doesn't say anything about multiplatform (could be likely, though). He is just talking about his internal structures and how they (his company) work. That could mean anything. Looks like he needs to streamline his development. If that means multiplatform, we'll see. But its much more then that, IMO. Can mean more global studios, different focus on different areas, local cultures, etc. You can still support multiple platforms but deliver specific content for each.

babananaman3422d ago

i mean, he's saying he wants to compete with western devs, and achieve global dominance...

the only way he can do that is to not limit his products to just one console...

its just common business sense...

now i'm not saying MGS will be ported.. i highly doubt that..

but im thinking new multi-plat IPs will be created...

its the only way to reach out to every gamer with different consoles in every region of the globe...

on a side note, are u hiphopgamer haters gonna admit that he may be right about "Hiedo turning to Xbox360"?

i thought not...

3422d ago
MazzingerZ3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

If he makes some game exclusive for the X360 then I get a X360 if it makes one exclusive for the Wii then I get a Wii, if it' a multiplatform I just have to wait for it.

I really don't care if those games comes to the X360 if that means cash for Kojima that will help to have hin around making more games then welcome to the multiplatform world!!

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Hiruma Youchi3422d ago

09/010 Great years coming on for gaming with so many Devs trying to Go Harder than the other. Cant wait.

umair_s513422d ago

But isn't kojima production already one of the best developers out there? I mean MGS4 pleased critics and fans, And also sold well.

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SuPa-MaRiO3422d ago

This Man Is Going 2 Go On A Rampage In 2009 Man I Hope Aleast One IS a Ps3 Only Game Most Likely He Will SonY Better PuT That Money Towards That Man Or Its Problem They Need 2 Be The KeyNote Of 2009 This Is 2 Me Sony's Last Chance Cuz 360 and Wii Are Selling Crazy I Think SoNy Will GeT BAck At Them NexT Year People Dont Understand Jus Wait And See GiVe Them Time Sony Been In The Gaming Business For along Time They Not Gonna Let Micrsoft take The Blow Trust And Im Not A Fanboy i jus love Ps3

guiltyspark3422d ago

bu but only on ps3 is better!

please , multiplatform games expand the industry , not exclusives

games4fun3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

your a moron. I usually dont resort to name calling but when an example of being one shows up so blatantly its hard not to label.

Regardless of console: I usually only buy exclusives, multiplats seem like crap in comparison aside from the diamond in the rough developers Infinity ward comes to mind.

guiltyspark3422d ago

And that is the kind of mentality that is murdering the playstation right now , the entire fanbase seems to be made up of loyalists that only buy exclusive software.

Third party games are the most important titles in gaming regardless of what your backwards ass logic has to say about it.

If first party games were so important like you said they were , sony would have sold alot of playstation 3's this holiday with games like little big planet and resistance leading the charts.

except that didnt happen now did it

Milky Joe3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Are you completely simple GuiltySpark? It's common knowledge that platform exclusive games, in general, are better than multiplat games. Regardless of console, a game developed specifically for one piece of hardware is going to be better than one that has to cater for a wide range of different specs.

Seriously, shut up, you're making yourself look like an idiot fanboy.

games4fun3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

i said regardless of console didn't I. seems you just want to bring up the ps3. I'm not going to deny that it is my favorite console right now.

But if i was to go buy 360 games you bet i would be buying a bunch of exclusive games as well, Gears 2 is the best because its exclusive think of all those great graphics having to cater to multiple consoles it wouldn't even be half as good.

Exclusives are generally better, i buy the better games deal with it, there is nothing wrong with what i do. developers should make an exclusive game for each console going one at a time.

i said what i buy =/= what other people buy as if i should care about games sales. I only care about quality and my enjoyment and that is where the exclusives far outshine most multiplat games.

Also resistance sold over a mill as well as littlebigplanet. Go spread misinformation and stupidity elsewhere.

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