Play: Street Fighter IV Hands-On

Very few gaming series can boast a pedigree as rich as Street Fighter's, and while Capcom has mined a rich seam of downloadable releases even in the technically lavish "next-generation" age, it is surprising that there was still resistance to a new 'numeric' installment within the Japanese publisher, who perhaps saw the series best-utilised from sepia-tinted downloadable perspective. Producer Yoshinori Ono had faith, however, and managed to persuade the powers that be to back not only a new arcade Street Fighter outing, but also a release on home consoles, too.

Play first played the results of this renaissance in early 2008, and over the festive season they finally got their sweating, RSI-addled fingers on a preview build of the beat 'em up. "Saiko!" as the Japanese are wont to exclaim.

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