Live: Mirror's Edge Less Popular Than Its Own Demo

"The demos of Mirror's Edge and Too Human had strong online showings in 2008, but the full versions failed to captivate Xbox Live users in the same way, according to Microsoft's annual rankings of top-played games.

Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb posted the rankings to his blog on Sunday, showing that the Mirror's Edge demo was the 12th most popular game for Xbox Live members. Its full-game counterpart was nowhere to be seen on the top 20 list."

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Fishy Fingers3511d ago

Durrrr..... demos are free and Mirrors Edge was over hyped.

Either they didn't like what the demo showed or they didnt think it warrants £40 for the full game. But it doesnt surprise me one bit that a demo can be more popular than actual retail.

CBaoth3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

I don't understand why the need of an article even.

In other news from the department of the obvious, on sunny days the sky is blue.

EDIT: It would actually be news somehow if ANY title was more popular at retail than its free demo.

InMyOpinion3511d ago

I thought the demo was exciting as hell but when I played the full game I got very disappointed.

MaximusPrime3511d ago

i played the demo. preordered but at last minute, cancelled my order.
because i felt it aint going to be good.

now i have my answer

Sarcasm3511d ago

Mirror's edge I would give a 7/10. It had it's moments, but halfway through the game it was missing... something... And the cheezy esurance cutscenes weren't that great.

barom3511d ago

When they showed the first trailer I was thinking "oh god, why first-person". Then I played the demo and it blew my mind. I just don't have the money or else I would've bought it. Well actually I'm kinda cheap so I'm waiting for it to drop the price. I hear it's really short and almost no replay value, so I'm not sure it's worth the 60$.

AAACE53511d ago

Single player games just don't feel worth the money!

I (and I suppose you too) would rather pay $60 for a game with a good single player and multiplayer mode that can provide me with countless hours of gameplay for my money, than to buy a game that just has a single player mode and some BS time trials.

I think single player games should cost less cause they give you less. $40-$50 is a good range for them!

Games like MGS 4, CoD 4, LBP, Gears 2, etc. can make you feel like the price is worth it for the amount of content you get. But you buy Mirrors edge or something like that... you play it once and may never play it again... a.k.a. waste of money in a gamers eyes!

That's just how I see it anyway! If Mirrors edge was $40, I bet it would have sold alot more than it did!

ThePimpOfSound3511d ago

Well, yeah, it's somewhat obvious. Except that it's not the case for most of the other games on the top 20 list.

MegaMohsi3511d ago

Games without multi-player these days don't sell well at all, some exceptions of course Bioshock, Fallout 3(Fallout is longer than games with some multi-players). Prince of Persia, Dead Space didn't sell well at all despite getting great reviews.

barom3511d ago

Dead Space actually sold pretty well. Especially if you take into account that it's a new ip and that it was a crazy holiday season

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wibble3511d ago

I loved the Mirrors Edge demo, but after reading mixed reviews and people complaining about the game being short, I decided to rent it instead.

I was also caught out by the Pure demo. The demo was gorgeous, but after buying the full game I realized that there was only six tracks. To be fair though, they was very high quality tracks.

YouNoob3511d ago

i rather have only 6 quality tracks (like in Pure), instead of a game full of rubbish (like Mirrors Edge). IMO everyone who bought ME, just got fooled by a nice looking box cover.

micro_invader3511d ago

Yeah, lol that's the point of a demo. To get people to try things out, if they don't like it, they won't buy it.

SmokedOut3511d ago

Because Mirrors Edge sucked...

Lou-Cipher3511d ago

I was going to buy Mirrors Edge until I played the demo.

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