Top 7 Open World Video Game Environments

SCRAWL: "From cruising Regent Street located somewhere in London's West End in The Getaway, to solving a murder mystery in Yokosuka, Japan, circa 1986 in Shenmue, open world environments are massive, immerse, and at most, beautiful. Open world video games have had a long history, starting with 1984's Elite on the PC, to 1986's Turbo Esprit on the Commodore 64. The Driver series helped the genre make the successful jump to 3D and the Grand Theft Auto series revolutionized it (...and at the same time, made it popular so that any open world game that would follow would be unfairly branded as a "GTA clone.")"

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SprayandPreycom3422d ago

fallout 3
two worlds
baldurs gate pc
ultima online..

shenmu we used to rag on that game so hard you had to get a job its like i dont play video games to get jobs mofos part of why i hate gta4 so much felt like evertthing was a freaking chore ....

wibble3422d ago

I totally agree. Too many games these days want to make you work.

I was happily playing Bioshock and some dude asked me to take some photos for him. It was clearly one of those "Be my little slave or you can't go further in the game." moments.

So I didn't go further..