Looking back to the future of fun

Daniel Emery writes: "But with the economy cooling, games companies like Sony shedding jobs, and a shortage of triple A titles scheduled for release, what does 2009 have in store for gamers and the video game industry?
We put that question to some of the industry stalwarts, asking them for their thoughts on how 2008 has been for them and what they think the next year will bring."

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chewy3173509d ago

i disagree with him killzone 2 god of war 3 uncharted 2 halo wars all should be great games.

TOO PAWNED3509d ago

He is saying that just because MS has no games for 09 and even more so because his game was already released. What an arrogant prick!

3509d ago
TOO PAWNED3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

Sure, sure i am sure "they will try to do everything" to release those games, but will they, that is another question.
Regardless of all of that i pointed out that main reason of his saying that is that his crappy game was already released.
Since 98 there was no better gaming year than 2007 but 2008 is head and shoulder above 2007 in terms of quality and variety compared to 2007 that was very shooter heavy, and 2009 seems to be even better than 2008.

Never liked Molyneux, after watching so many video interviews and reading interviews from his it is easy to see that he is an arrogant prick, full of himself, in love with himself. Thinks that he is better than others, classic "class difference" man.
I would like to get into MMA ring with him and do rear naked choke on him but when he taps out, i don't let him go, but instead brake his neck

badz1493509d ago

hey Molyneux, Pachter would like to have a word with you! "GO MAKE GAMES AND STOP DOING MY JOB!!"

Tomonobu Itagaki3509d ago

Yeah, Molyneux is so much arrogant, he makes so much promises and never fulfill any of them. He's the shame of the profession. He just should get some developing lessons.

However, he got a point on a thing: 2009 looks dry but few things has been announced yet. Let's hope some big surprises and why not a decent E3 2009.

The Lazy One3509d ago

I'm pretty sure the marketing for LBP sucked pretty hard considering the game concept should practically sell itself.

AAACE53509d ago

I haven't really payed too much attention to any of the 2009 titles coming out! Only thing I am looking foward to is FFXIII (If it comes out this year), everything else looks good, but I am not looking into those games like I would normally do. Maybe I will gain interest at some later date hopefully!

SixTwoTwo3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

Killzone 2
Resident Evil 5
Street Fighter IV
Halo Wars
Alpha Protocol
MLB 09 The Show
White Knight Chronicles
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Dragon Age: Origins
Heavy Rain
Alan Wake
Uncharted 2
Ratchet and Clank
Halo 3: Orbital Drop Shock Troopers
God of War III
Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
Bioshock 2
Final Fantasy XIII
Fatal Frame IV
Monster Hunter 3

Those are just some of next years console games off the top of my head. Starcraft 2 alone destroys that entire list though.

Pixel_Addict3509d ago

up Microsoft's perverbial a$$, he can not see that Sony has a excellent EXCLUSIVE 09 line up.

Killzone 2
Uncharted 2
God of War 2
Heavy Rain

.. and that list is off the top of my head.

Give me a break, this guy has no business making such comments... seeing how Fable 2 is really Fable 1.5.

XxZxX3509d ago

KY is invented for a reason.

yojoe263509d ago

He must be talking about the 360 because I, personally, would consider Killzone 2, Infamous, White Knight Chronicles, Dragon Age Origins, DC Online MMO, MAG, God of War III, Uncharted 2, (possibly Twisted Metal, but not likely), and a slew of others, both multiplatform and exclusive, to all be AAA releases!! Maybe it's just me though...

Tiberium3509d ago

How many of those are going to get delayed til 2010? LBP (a week no big deal, but still delayed), mgs4, and killzone 2 have been delayed. I'd be willing to bet GOW3 will be delayed to 2010.

prowiew3509d ago

Im with him. 2009 lineup looks dry to me. My opinion. If you have other opinion, great. Of course there are good games coming 2009 and of course 2009 is just starting, so new games will be announce.

evilmonkey5013509d ago

there are no xbox games this year on my radar.....however my ps3 is looking pretty good....

dylz3508d ago

molneux doesn't even know the ps3 exsists how would he know about god of war and killzone

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thereapersson3509d ago

Maybe if you'd diversify yourself a bit, Molyneux, you wouldn't be making those statements.

MURKERR3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

its going to be an interesting year for all console owners to say the least

i cant believe killzone is out NEXT MONTH

thereapersson3509d ago

The wait is nearly over, and I'm glad. KZ 2 will be MINE, come end of February!

Bob Dole3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

You've got to expect there will be some timed multiplat exclusives bought by them as a last resort. Who knows, maybe they'll have something genuine hidden up their sleeve. *crosses fingers*

And yes KZ2 gives Bob Dole such a boner. He will satisfy himself plenty when that game comes out :)


sony creates alot of great content but some want them to drop the price for people that cant afford it, but at what cost? Its not like these people will buy as many games as someone who can afford a ps3, a hdtv, sound system, home theater whatever.I say keep the same price until winter. To me the same people complaining about price, are the same who complain about waiting for games. Yet alan wake was a launch title.LOL.LOL. This year there are aloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooot of great games coming out for this system.

wii is over. at least it looks nice.

microsoft better be hiding some good surprises this gow3? halo? rare? anybody there? OR more bad surprises?

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NickIni3509d ago

"‘Next year, well, it's all looking a bit dry. All the triple A titles came out this Christmas and while there is stuff in 2010 we can look forward to, off the top of my head I cannot think of anything next year that really excites me."

It's because there's no games he's behind being released in 09.

This is also the person who thought: "PlayStation 3 has been disappointing to say the least."

Despite Little Big Planet, Resistance 2 and MGS4 all being excellent games and far from disappointing.

Though I understand why he's sore about LBP. The majority of the 27 people on the Media Molecule team were employed by Lionhead before, but they split and formed their own company. He is one person who would have likely wanted to have seen LBP fail hard.

InMyOpinion3509d ago

"One of my personal favourites was Little Big Planet; superb artistry and a fantastic marketing job by Sony - yet it didn't make the numbers."

Sounds like he really hates LBP ;)

NickIni3509d ago

It's called reading in between the lines.

Like I mentioned, the majority of MM were once part of Lionhead, chances are, he knew a lot of them personally, but do we see a congratulations to them?

"fantastic marketing job by Sony" - seems pretty sarcastic. Unfortunately, as usual, Sony's marketing was sub-par.
"yet it didn't make the numbers." - Fable 2 sold really well. Gloating?

InMyOpinion3509d ago

I don't think he's that sly, I think he's referring to how Sony used LBP in it's E3 presentation and the TV ads for the game.

Also, he thanks Media Molecule in the ending credits of Fable 2.

SprayandPreycom3509d ago

and to me everyone in the game is just creepy ...

ThatCanadianGuy3509d ago

I stopped playing Fable 2 not even three days after i bought it.

My first saved file my son was frozen in the middle of the town
(oakfield? oakville?) anyways..i started over..then i got to the part where i have to bring hammer and that mage guy up to that tower,then the MAGE froze and i said f**k it.

That game really pissed me off.

PotNoodle3509d ago

Is the 360's exclusive GoTY. I would say L4D but i don't really class it as exclusive if it is out on PC.

callahan093509d ago

Fable 2 is definitely my 360 game of the year. I like it a lot. Couldn't say I love it, because it's got some pretty horrendous load times, some downright strange design issues, and quite frankly pretty bad character movement controls and dog A.I. Those flaws keep it from being as perfect as some reviews said (X-Play and Eurogamer for example), but I did and still do enjoy playing the game very much.

BlackTar1873508d ago

I had to restart after 8hrs each time because I kept getting the slow mo walk glitch it was awful the 2nd time I tried to stomach it and nearly died from boredom

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Fishy Fingers3509d ago

Whaaa? That's rubbish, personally this Febuary alone could top any of last year (MGS4 aside). For me, this gen has topped itself each year, this year should be no different, great line up of titles on the way.

thereapersson3509d ago

I personally think it's a rather ridiculous statement to make. As far as I'm aware, there are a bunch of big-name games coming out this year that could easily top last year's offerings. Just because a lot of the exciting exclusive games aren't on the 360 doesn't mean the year will be "dry", as he put it.

TOO PAWNED3509d ago

Well there you have it, his statement makes no sense. He is so arrogant that he thinks "My opinion=fact". Like someone said January-March looks like Q4 line up. REsident 5, SF4, Killzone 2?! Just those 3 sound awesome to me. I hate peter Molyneux! I might make new account with user name "IHATEMolyneux"