Japan's Best And Worst Sellers By Platform

Kotaku writes: "The best of the best! The best of the worst! Here's a look at the sales tallies for the biggest sellers (and not sellers) in Japan broken down by platform. Oh, the suspense.

Eds Note: This sales data appears crunched from Enterbrain and Famitsu source data. We've marked this story as a "rumor" since the site we are sourcing carries these charmingly paranoid warnings: "Do not reprint data of this website. *For an anti-copy measure,I may revise numerical value."

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Sony PlayStation 33455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

PS3's #1 selling game outsold 360's #1 selling game by a ration of almost 3.5-1

Where's M$ to tout their poor... I mean "great" sales?!

Perjoss3455d ago

and now compare that ratio to the japanese install base for each console :)

Hot_tea3455d ago

but how 317,580 people bought Gundam Musou is beyond me. What a pile of sh1t.

Kouzmich3455d ago

did M$ really thought that they will be able to make foothold in Japan with those RPG's ?
The funny thing is that if MGS4 would sold like 50k more it would out sold the first top 5 of 360 lineup combined :) ( if my calculations are correct )

mirroredderorrim3455d ago

Microsoft: "we're winning Japan"

gumgum993454d ago


not because its microsoft, its just how you quoted it makes it sound parodical.

games4fun3455d ago

if star ocean doesnt get japan to buy the 360 they are f'ed after that.

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The story is too old to be commented.