GI.Biz: Slitherine: PSP is still "huge opportunity"

Slitherine Software marketing manager Marco Minoli has told that he believes the PlayStation Portable is a "huge opportunity" for the company, particularly while major publishers seem to be overlooking it.

Minoli, talking in an interview at Game Connection late last year, explained that for the company's Great Battles of Rome game, in association with The History Channel, the PSP was the highest-selling platform, despite a longstanding PC-based collection of fans.

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Cajun Chicken3514d ago

Yep, theres some power in that little machine. Lets see that being used. I'd love some more sandbox, platformers and thir person shooters, enough with the RPGs.

MGOelite3514d ago

if resistance retribution fails i consider the psp dead cause thats the only game that i want, i cant see many games being released for it in 09

Covenant3514d ago

I want to be the PSP in that picture... :)

3514d ago