PS3 Vault: Review: Rise Of The Argonauts

PS3 Vault writes: "After reading so many reviews, my expectations for this game remained very low. However, since Viking: Battle of Asgard came out the wealth of unfair reviews have spread like wildfire and I have learned not to judge by others opinions. First and foremost I use a few things to help judge how fairly a game should be rated. For instance a game's budget has a lot to do with it. It's incredibly unfair to compare a game such as Killzone 2 and Rise of the Argonauts, or God of War. There is an unbelievable amount of more manpower and funds fueling a game such as God of War. I hope many people keep this in mind."

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shewbrookj3482d ago

Well done on the review. I feel exactly the same how lower budget games sometimes get trashed. Personally, I tend to trust user reviews more to get a realistic view of a game (there are some excellent amateur reviewers out there)

I have often felt puzzled at why the gaming press has become so nasty or 'hard to please' and maybe part of it is because

a) A website wants to attract attention to itself by deliberately giving a poor (often unfair) score and then sit back and watch the comments flow in

b) Some reviewers seem to have extremely high expectations nowadays and criticize the smallest of details. As a 40yr old gamer who started gaming on the Commodore 64, I really appreciate the incredible visuals that we are treated to in the current generation of gaming consoles. Many games are like interactive films.

I sometimes wonder when I read a particularly scathing review if he (or she) got out of the bed the wrong way that morning i.e. they weren't in 'the right frame of mind' to write the piece. Playing games for living sounds fun but having to write about it can't be!

c) I often feel bad for the developers - they've put their heart and souls (and lots of money as well) into a game production. Years of work. Then along comes the same old 'Critics' from the usual places (no names mentioned here) to pass judgement (usually negative because that will garner more attention). I can imagine Gaming Developers thinking to themselves 'What's the point' or 'is it worth the risk?'

If more games companies start to think like that we will all lose out - including the Critics (less games to moan about)

I think Game Developers and the people who work in that industry deserve a lot more respect than they get.