Videogamer: Street Fighter 4 Hands-on Preview

Videogamer writes: "My face is inches away from my television. My eyes are bloodshot and my blistered thumbs are bleeding. I'm trying desperately, fanatically, to juggle Ryu's Ultra Combo off of a Shoryuken using the new Focus Attack Dash Cancel technique, but I can't do it. I get close. I throw out the Shoryuken easily enough, and I have no trouble cancelling it with the Focus Attack Dash Cancel (press and hold MP and MK, tap forward twice then release MP and MK), but I just can't get the Ultra Combo out. I'm frustrated, I'm not even sure I'm having fun, but I can't stop. And then, suddenly, I feel like crying."

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celldomceen13480d ago

My thumbs will be in a massive amount of pain. Me and my brothers played hd remix over christmas and it was just like being 10 again i cant wait for this game!

Michael Jackson3480d ago

This plus Killzone 2 will be a sure 1,000,0000 hit combo.

3480d ago
shinobi3333480d ago

i love street fighter soooo much i was playing as ryu sack boy last night and tried to do a haduken with him cuz i was so exhausted and sleepy.