Motion-Controller Based PC Coming in March

Hoping to capitalize on the success of Nintendo's motion controlled Wii system, PC manufacturer Lenovo plans to release the "IdeaCentre A600?–an all-in-one PC that comes packaged with a motion-based gaming controller.

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Capt CHAOS3478d ago

I mean my PC's heavy enough, I'd hate to have to wave my PC around to play a game, what with all the wires dangling off.. ;-)

Oh wait, you mean a motion aware controller for the PC...

3478d ago
Bob Dole3478d ago

Coulda sworn Microsoft had a motion controller back in the 90's.... what ever happened to that?

TheIneffableBob3478d ago

It was basically like a Sixaxis. You can probably guess why it failed.

3478d ago
Elvfam5113478d ago

did my comment get deleted o well