The Cruelest Cutscene

IGN: "From Maniac Mansion to Mark Hamill and George Takei, then on to Kojima.

The humble cutscene serves two important purposes. One; it's an excellent expository device for propelling the story, and two; it gives you a chance to scratch yourself. But what makes for a good cutscene? How have they evolved over time? And what happens when cutscenes go wrong? To answer these questions, we must first go back. Back to a time when Michael Jackson was Bad in a good way, the Ghostbusters were svelte and mullets reigned supreme... "

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Sony PlayStation 33486d ago

"Metal Gear Solid brought in-engine cutscenes into vogue."

Busta Rhymes writes for IGN?!

meepmoopmeep3485d ago

i don't get it.

anyway, i like cutscenes.

Perjoss3485d ago

"anyway, i like cutscenes"

then MGS4 is the game for you my friend.

or as I like to call it 'Put Down Your Controller 4: Cutscenes of the Patriots'

Milky Joe3485d ago

But if you put down the controller, you won't be able to activate the flashbacks... Ha! A flaw in your logic right there! Bet you're feeling pretty stupid, eh? EH? Thought so!

No but seriously, MGS4 has a lot of cutscenes. But I suppose the fact that the 90 min cutscene rumour got me excited shows you how I feel about that.

-GametimeUK-3485d ago

@ Milky... Press the controller with your toes? Have a friend do it? Just not bother with the flashbacks?

ahhhh mgs4 is awesome :-)

Milky Joe3485d ago

Damn, never though about the old toe tap. I once completed a whole race on GT with just my feet, you know...

And back on topic, yes MGS4 is WICKED AWESOME!!!

FantasyStar3485d ago

"We've got a non-believer in our midst! His blood must be purged!"

meepmoopmeep3485d ago

yup, loved every minute of it. even the installs and reading the stuff while it installed


Perjoss3485d ago

yeah dont get me wrong, I think its 10/10 game, although...

*spoiler alert*

I was disapointed they didn't actually kill off snake, that scene when it seems like he shoots himself was shocking, shame it was a trick on the viewer and they bring him back a few mins later :P

yeah, thats my only problem with the game, I love everything else, including the ridiculous story and long cutscenes, there's no other game quite like it.

meepmoopmeep3485d ago

lol, yeah,

some people just aren't into that stuff or convoluted stories
it's not good for people who suffer from A.D.D or trigger-finger-titis

Milky Joe3485d ago

*More Spoilers*

I was relieved that Snake didn't die. I really didn't want him to die. I was welling up and everything.

Sony PlayStation 33485d ago

Remember at the 2008 VGAs Busta Rhymes said that the Uncharted 2 cutscene used "In-Engine graphics" when he meant to say "In-Game engine graphics"

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360RRODFIX3485d ago

I think this and that, not sure

Parappa The Rappa3485d ago

"As you wish Captain, as you wish".....

mercenaut3485d ago

Man, I coulda swore Harold Ramis couldn't get fat.