Sony Denies Report of Further Restructuring

Sony said it has no plans to announce additional restructuring actions, denying a report that says the company plans a big corporate upheaval that could see job cuts and sweeping changes to management and manufacturing processes.

"We announced the restructuring of the electronics business last month," said Sony spokesman Atsuo Omagari, Bloomberg reports. "We are not planning to announce further restructuring at this time."

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PirateThom3425d ago

It's hard to restructure when you're in the process of restructuring already.

You don't finish restructuring and then restructure again. That would be daft.

mint royale3425d ago

especially in this financial climate.

games4fun3425d ago

at people believing sony is going to discontinue the ps3 in any way, OMG MGS4 for 360 (comes out on MAC i-phone/touch the complete opposite), that turned just as well as these ps3 is doomed articles will.

It seems i was interested enough to type this, i am a patient man so for me to respond to one of these articles signals that media agenda's on both sides have comprimised gaming news completely

I wonder what n4g would be like to visit if everyone actually just posted REAL gaming news.

GiantEnemyLobster3425d ago

Isn't that exactly what Free Radical said just days before they laid off 140/180 of their employees?

power of Green 3425d ago

Also the PS3 loans Sony filed early in PS3's life cycle.

power of Green 3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Its clear nothing has changed when it comes to what folks are talking about, the front covering up blunders from Sony is broken, things are now being heard beyond SDF screens/smoke and mirrors.

People wan't to move on hence whats seems to be masive backlash from consumers/media and gamers, from a PS3 fanboy's perspective of course.

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The story is too old to be commented.