Dear Microsoft, PLEASE Raise The Friend Limit On Xbox Live

The editor of calls for Microsoft to raise their somewhat unreasonably low friend limit for Xbox Live, giving several reasons for the demands and specifically calling out Major Nelson for a response.


Major Nelson has responded to the article.

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MountainMaverick3511d ago

I haven't had this problem but I can see why it would be a bad thing for some folks. It should definitely be raised.

Elven63510d ago

Unless something changed lately 100 friends is the most out of the big 3. They already said a bigger friends list = slower load times so take your pick complainers.

JeffGUNZ3510d ago

Who has a 100 people, or even the need for more then 100 people that every night when they are on live they got to choose the lucky top 3 to play with that night? Come on, everyone has about 5-10 friends they WANT to play with on a regular basis and the rest are people you played with once, they sent you a friend's request, you accepted and never spoke to them after that day.

I have 2 options to resolve this:

1. Delete people on a monthly basis that you don't talk/play with.

2. Stop being a softey and accepting every tom, richard, and harry who send you friends invites. Just hit "deny request" and problem solved.

More then a 100 hundreds just doesn't make real sense.

tinydancer3511d ago

Yet another problem with Live. Get it together.

Stoneroses63003511d ago

Yeah there have been way too many outages as of late as well... I agree.

RKRigney3511d ago

The outages are pretty disheartening, but what online service doesn't have its issues?

mazirjones3511d ago

You're making it way too easy.

power of Green 3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Happens after every Xmas.

Not enough traffic on your platform ;)

thereapersson3510d ago

Well if it happens after every Christmas, you would think that MS would do something to prevent it so it STOPS happening every Christmas...

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GiantEnemyLobster3511d ago

PStard's friend lists are empty.

Elvfam5113511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

your that in love with the ps3 that you mention it when its about Xbox Live

Keep on going.....

Yoma3510d ago

For using a pay service this is horrible

Halochampian3511d ago

boo-hoo. 100 is enough. go through and delete people.

Panthers3510d ago

I agree about that. Just see when they last logged in and delete them. There is no way you keep up with 100 people on a regular basis.

Sangria3511d ago

I'm just wondering how much of those 100 he plays with. I got 3 friends on XBL and near 50 on PSN but almost never play with any of them. I may be antisocial, friends are still useless if you don't play with them. To me, 100 is a good limit, not too low, not too much.

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The story is too old to be commented.