OS News: Review: Windows 7 Beta

Windows 7 is not a revolutionary release. It doesn't constitute a major overhaul of Windows, nor does it introduce new features that will really blow you away. Windows 7 is more like evolution with a bit of pepper in its butt: a lot of UI problems from Vista have been fixed, the taskbar has been modernised and made easier to use, there are all sorts of small performance fixes that do add up, Explorer is much more usable, and so on.

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buddyro3480d ago

nothing different just improvement.

verb3k3479d ago

I will remind you of this sentence:
"Windows 7 all-sluggish RAM hogging piece of bloatware"
That's MS

Kakkoii3480d ago

Obviously there wouldn't be major physical changes, because they already did that with Vista. If they did that again with Windows 7 it would get a backlash like Vista did. Now that some people are finally getting used to Vista's interface, it will be easier for them to move over to Windows 7. Microsoft knows this, they played it smart this time.

DirectX 11 is going to be awesome though, and the improvements they did to Windows 7 have made it as fast as XP. It's quite great now.

thereapersson3479d ago

How is the driver support?

Kakkoii3479d ago

It's been great so far. The Windows 7 beta already has beta ATI and Nvidia drivers for it. They download when you use the updated feature in Windows 7.

All my other hardware drivers hav worked also. (Printer, Scanner, sound card, network card, dvd-rw burner.)

Also, wow I got 2 disagrees and the people didn't even leave a reply. (*cough*obvious other OS fanboys*cough*)

Elven63479d ago

Why is it when Home beta reviews, rants, glitches, etc were out they would get reported in seconds yet when it's about the Windows 7 beta.......