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Wii Sports Now the Best-Selling Game of All Time

Wii Sports has surpassed Super Mario Brothers as the best-selling game of all time. With over 40 million units sold (obviously including bundles), Wii Sports is estimated to break the 50 million mark while resting comfortably at the top of the list. Check out the closest competition as Ripten lists the top 10 best-selling games of all time. (Industry, Wii, Wii Sports)

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Vault Boy  +   2033d ago
That shouldn't count since it's a pack-in. If PS2 had a pack-in game it would be over 100 million.
Twizlex  +   2033d ago
True, but Sony didn't pack in a game so...
Cookigaki  +   2033d ago
Yes, Nintendo could take out Wii Sports and sell Wii for $199 but they won't. People think it is free game but they are paying for it.
Sony PlayStation 3  +   2033d ago
Wii Sports is more like a Wii Motion Tutorial than a game. It's still fun though
McDaygo  +   2033d ago
Same For Mario Then.
Super Mario Bros was a pack-in game too.
Panthers  +   2033d ago
It should count because Mario was also a Pack-in. Not that I like Wiisports, but if you dont count that, you cant count Mario.
0verdrive  +   2033d ago
this does seem like a hallow victory, i mean, do they even sell wii sports alone without the wii? assuming that they dont even sell a wii without the game, the attach rate of that game to the console is going to be 1:1. no game has ever done that, or ever will.

i honestly dont think that wii sports should count... its just so... i dunno... cheap.
Crazywhitie  +   2033d ago
I agree this story shouldn't have been written... you tell me One Person that Bought a Wii For Wiisports... the Wii is 250 WiiSports is FREE.. therefore it hasn't sold anything
The Great Melon  +   2033d ago
I don't think you should count Mario or Wii Sports....
Tarasque  +   2032d ago
Sorry packaged in games does not count in sales in my book. All those top 10's are Nintendo from old and DS games. You don't see any N64 games up there and you definitely don't see any gamecube games up there.
salgoods  +   2032d ago
so that means...
sales DO = quality of a game. according to 360 fans, since their games sell more than PS3's, PS3 doesnt have any good games. yeah right...
BRG9000  +   2032d ago
@ salgoods
It takes talent to bring Xbox vs. PS3 fanboyism into an article about neither console. Well played sir.
Voiceofreason  +   2032d ago
Sony wouldnt pack in a game. They are the reason that games are not packed in today. They'd rather you pay for the game.

Odd though that you consider it wrong of a company to give you a game for buying their product and think a company needs recognition for not giving you a single thing for supporting them. Good ol Sony fans.. I wouldnt expect anything less.
Mini Mario  +   2032d ago
"Yes, Nintendo could take out Wii Sports and sell Wii for $199 but they won't. People think it is free game but they are paying for it."

You do realize Japan (a big slice of the pie) doesnt pack it in with there systems.

Again, plz using there "assumptions" as fact.
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Milk is for Babies  +   2033d ago
Wow. I'm actually almost surprised that Super Mario stayed on top as long as it did, but I guess nobody else bundles games like nintendo.
Vault Boy  +   2033d ago
Yes, but imagine if they did. If Sony packaged a game, even a crappy one, with every PS2 it would be at the top of the list. It really doesn't count IMO because people aren't buying the game, they're buying a Wii.
Milk is for Babies  +   2033d ago
I get what you're saying and I kinda agree, but I wouldn't really say it "doesn't count". The other guys could do it too if they wanted.
Twizlex  +   2033d ago
Yeah, and it only makes sense that a bundled game dethrones Super Mario since it was also a bundled game.
meatnormous  +   2032d ago
You stole my arnold
Now I gotta change my pic
KobeT24  +   2033d ago
What have we done...

Do you realize the list is dominated by Nintendo titles.
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Vault Boy  +   2033d ago
They shoulda never gave you b*tches money!
Vault Boy  +   2033d ago
Why the disagree? I was just making a Dave Chappelle joke.
meepmoopmeep  +   2033d ago
and going by some people's logic
sales means it's the BEST GAME EVAR!!!

Twizlex  +   2033d ago
Wait, are you trying to say it's not? Sales DO equal greatness, and review scores also determine "AAA" games... and the Wii can cook you breakfast.

If you believe any of that, I have some beans I'd like to sell you...
meepmoopmeep  +   2032d ago

lol, for realz
Bob Dole  +   2032d ago
Bob Dole will take the beans over Wii Sports :)
ZackFair  +   2033d ago
Bundled shovelware. Lol Nintendo.
Sarcasm  +   2033d ago
Not really. Wii Sports is the best game on the Nintendo Wii.

I mean it literally with no sarcasm (despite my name)
Ivix  +   2032d ago
@4.1 I guess you've never played any other Wii game before?
Mutley416  +   2033d ago
WOW!!!...ummm How many has WOW Sold!!!
Mahr  +   2033d ago
"As of January 22, 2008, World of Warcraft has surpassed 10 million subscribers worldwide"

Death  +   2033d ago
I'm surprised they count bundled software.
Typically the don't. Does Hexic count on the 360?

360 Wii PS3 Yup   2033d ago | Spam
JOEdANGEL  +   2033d ago
Magic bean box invades your brain
Twizlex  +   2033d ago
Are you sleeping?
Milk is for Babies  +   2033d ago
LOL, looks like n4g is really boring you!
DeZimatoR  +   2033d ago
According to 360 fanboys this top 10 = 10 best games of all times, because, y'know, 'sales r all that matturz!!!!111'

P.S. Where is the almighty Halo though, can't see it anywhere...
Tarasque  +   2032d ago
I think you are making a reference to comments from the Sony club "WAIT till MGS4, and LBP come out it will sell bajillions and sell trillions of console" So sure MS fan are going to throw it back in your face cause they flopped. Or let me rephrase that, flopped compared to what you guys said they was going to sell. Dont make me start posting comments from such articles cause i will.

But anywho funny how this article had nothing to do with fanboy stuff until you posted. But it easy for someone to point the finger at someone else when they are to blame.
Ivix  +   2032d ago
To be fair Tarasque, other people's turned it into a fanboy fest before he did.
N4360G  +   2032d ago
It would be impressive if Wii Sports wasn't bundled with every Nintendo Wii console.
pcz  +   2032d ago
everybody wanted wii sports
when the wii first came out, everybody who wanted a wii, wanted wii sports. it showcases what the wii is about. if you don't understand that, then you dont understand the wii. it was about the 'experience.'

give credit where credit is due. wii sports is an amazing game. maybe in 10 years time people will give it the recognition it deserved. it sparked peoples imagination. got people gaming that wern't gaming before. if you don't appreciate that, then you simply aren't a true gamer.

congratulations nintendo, to the top!
Fowack  +   2032d ago
So your telling me that i'm not a true gamer
Because I think this list is horse sh1t.

WOW way to make me feel bad!!!!
Mini Mario  +   2032d ago
"give credit where credit is due. wii sports is an amazing game. maybe in 10 years time people will give it the recognition it deserved. it sparked peoples imagination. got people gaming that wern't gaming before. if you don't appreciate that, then you simply aren't a true gamer."

Exactly, many ppl wanted a NES coz of mario bros that came with the system. Im pretty sure some systems got the zapper and duck hunt as well.

When the snes came out Super Mario World came with it. Then after a while they would change it to another game like street fighter, and yoshi's island. The snes had so many different boxes.
darkride66  +   2032d ago
Yes, over 40 million forced....I mean....sold....
Seriously, do you really think if people had to buy WiiSports separate it would have even sold half that number? A quarter that? Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it would have sold well...but this is really misleading. When they figure out how well the Wii-motes are selling - do they include the one that comes with the actual Wii?
Voiceofreason  +   2032d ago
Take a look at Japans sales numbers where it isnt bundled. They clearly prove you wrong. Clearly just an upset Sony fan trying to excuse this in any way you can.
pcz  +   2032d ago
yes! it would have sold!
wii sports= wii. it represents everything wii stands for.

its just like saying 'oh, wii fit didn't actually sell that many copies, it just came bundled with the balance board'

the wii was made for games like wii sports. games based around physical movement.

you know this anyway, you're just being argumentative.
Shnazzyone  +   2032d ago
wow... nintendo knows how to sell stuff that's for sure. Every top ten game of all time is nintendo nintendo nintendo. I give em credit even if noone else here will. What this means is the wii may have already surpassed the popularity of it's original NES! An incredible feat to say the least. after all, when nes was released they had practicly no competition. Now even with epic competition they dominate. It's as if nintendo is a rising phoenix. KAKAWW KAKAWWW!
bviperz  +   2032d ago
That statistics mean nothing. Hope nothing but the best (games) for everyone throughout this year!
Xi  +   2032d ago
if you're going to count wii sports.
then you should count solitare for windows.

even though it isn't packaged in with systems in japan.
Evil Gamer  +   2032d ago
Dumbest thing I ever heard of...I get the whole Wii play thing but Wii Sports??? Next week we will hear the following announcements...

The plastic that covers the new Wii systems is the highest sellling console plastic holder of all time..

The Foam that holds the Wii inside the box..top selling Foam console holder of all time...

You have NO choice when you buy a Wii..the game is in the box..great idea..just should be exempt from being reported as an individual sale..
pixelsword  +   2032d ago
Wii Sports is the greatest game of ALL TIME...
...according to fanboys who equivocate sales as quality.
jmiscavish  +   2032d ago
The other companies pack in games, too.

MGS4 and Uncharted both are packed in with ps3s now.

360s had forza/marvel ultimate alliance and now kung fu panda and whatever the other stupid game is.

Pack in doesn't matter much, even if wii sports is a glorified tech demo...

Wowsers, wii play is #9 all time...That's stupid as hell. I guess pack ins do work.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   2032d ago
I don't understand the reason for counting pack-in's
and I feel this way for EVERY system. Not just singling out the Wii!
Ldubbz  +   2032d ago
As a pack-in it definitely doesnt hold the same weight, especially when its always been a pack-in.

On the other hand, many people have bought a Wii specifically because of this game, or they at least played it somewhere and made them get one. Its definitely a great game...if u havent played Tennis with 4 people at once, you're missing out! That and Bowling. The others are good too, but Tennis and Bowling take the cake.

Not about Wii Sports, but drunken Mario Kart Wii should be an Olympic sport next year....
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CobraKai  +   2032d ago
The Wii is like the Jonas Bros of the gaming world. Both are loved by a legion of kids and teenage girls. Both are super popular for no apparent reason. The Jonas bros aren't real musicians, and the Wii is not a real gaming console.
AWBrawler  +   2032d ago
but a blu-ray playing, internet browsing, social network having. porndowloading PS3 is more a real gaming device than a Wii and gamecube game playing wii which happens to have a web browser.
and 360 a movie streaming, song downloading, movie playing, charge for internet twice machine (IP and Live) so what was the NES it only played NES games, or the master system, and the poor old Atari only did atari games.
AWBrawler  +   2032d ago
Solitaire? really?
you'd rather say its solitaire than wii sports? thats low. wasn't it you fanboys who said people are buying wii for wii sports? now all of a sudden its cause its packed in (in some regions) thats only 20 mill in US. where'd the other 20 mill come from? Wii fit sales like stupid. explain it, and wii play. that control is cheaper without the $10 game. I don't own and probably never will own wii play, but i did play it, and its pretty fun when playing 4 people. Wii play is a worth champ in my opinion, cause tennis is awesome, and boxing.
C_Dub  +   2032d ago
An asterisk
Is appropriate for Pack-in only games.
silverchode  +   2032d ago
using the xbox fanboy logic its the best game of all time,using the ps3 fanboy logic its the most advertised game of all time.

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