10 potentially game-changing games for 2009

What games stand the best chance of changing the broader industry in 2009, either by dramatically influencing what consumers play and purchase, or by demonstrating the commercial viability of new revenue models and genres?


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MURKERR3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

its at nearly 20 mil consoles sold with a high pricetag,these journalist are looking emabarrasing,but killzone for graphics alone and heavy rain is a new genre

Sony PlayStation 33393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

2009 will show the huge gap between the PS3 and 360's power.

KillZone 2's graphics are going to prove to the industry that PS3's graphics capabilities are indeed far superior to the 360s. There's also of course Heavy Rain if further proof is needed.

Cynical-Gamerzus3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Yes it is getting to a point were the top PS3 Devs, MUST share all their advancements in Parallel Cell dev!( if they want to succeed as the best of 09) and put some sweat and time to get the double Horsepower the PS3 is capable of with Cell RSX versus 360,,We can see more complex AI more polygons More Streamed detailed environments ,HUGE Bluray sized ones at that, and massive Physics Scenes that Crush previous games but ,Imagination is limited to the Technical expertise with the Cell Symmetric processing Wall!

If you look at some of the levels in Resistance 2 ,you'll see amazing draw distance and color and detail and Insane amounts of Polygons and Enemies if this was kept consistent and longer this game can be the future,even at an RPG level!!!With an Engine fully optimize to look that good!!! Can we get there one Day??


killzone will dominate everything.

power of Green 3393d ago

Don't think a FPS that did alright before(1st one) will single handedly save a console assuming it sells more than a couple of million.

n4gzz3393d ago

do you even have any +ve side in your life ?

power of Green 3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )


The one game will turn it all around and put the platform ontop?

Maybe a game with star power with a few others like the Peter Jackson's Halo, Forza 3 and a well done Splinter Cell game, plus something big and new to take the place of Halo like Huxley(Huxley's going to top all FPS's in 2009).

LOL at the Cherry picked list although I do think some of those Nintendo games will sell Some hardware atleast if not sell piles of copies.

The list in the article is rubbish

Oner3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

PS2 Killzone ~ 2 Million+ sold (not bad at all)
ALL GT Series ~ 51 Million+ sold (beats Flawza HANDS DOWN)

The only "rubbish" here is the absolute misinformation and bias coming out of your mouth ON A DAILY BASIS here...

Karum3392d ago

Mentioning forza when a game like a new Gran Turismo isn't farr off is nothing short of blasphemous.

Gran Turismo is the only racing game (that isn't an off roader or rally car game) that matters. Since so many people like to tout sales as the sign of a quality game, the sales of that series should be enough to convince you if opinion doesn't.

terrandragon3392d ago

You just compared the whole GT series to a couple of games. Please, I played both and I like them both.

No Way3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Lol. Are you seriously comparing the sales of the GT series to Forza series? Now, that is sad..

First off, the GT series is going on the number Five!(5) and the Forza series will be going on to number Three!(3). That's like comparing the FF series to.. White Knight Chronicles.. Not a fair comparison at all.

Now if you were going to compare the sales of the GT1&2 to Forza1&2 then that would be better..

Narutone663392d ago

Forza is a wannabe arcadey imitation of GT.

Oner3392d ago

Why is it I get singled out when P.O.S.G. was the one to talk the BS about Flawza to begin with? Funny how that works out isn't it...

Narutone663392d ago

But for the 360 fanboys comparing the games. I know that you and I are both fans of GT, reason why we bought the G25 specially for the games. But, you got a better driving rig. ;)

No Way3392d ago

Because everyone knows POG is an idiot and talks nonsense.. No point in replying or acknowledging him. Adn, by you replying to him dissing Forza, which you failed miserably at, just brings you down to his level.

Oner3391d ago

NP Narutone66 as it wasn't meant towards you ;)

No Way is the one who is defending the person who STARTED the BS first (as usual) and when I put him in his place with FACTS, No Way proceeded to get upset about it and call me out! But not the one who is ACTUALLY responsible for the situation...which is quite odd. Isn't it?!

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jkhan3393d ago

Killzone 2 will surely raise the bar for FPSs. It will be the Halo of this generation. I know alot of people will buy this game. I just hope it sells as much consoles as sony is hoping it to do.
But I think Killzone 2 is not the only game sony is betting on. I mean they have Heavy Rain (which if delivered on the promises can extend the gaming as whole in story telling). Infamous which looks cool for an Open World game, Uncharted 2 which looks phenomenal and God of War 3.
But what Sony is lacking are good quality RPGs both Japanese and Western. Sony really needs to push there developers in making more JRPG and WRPGs.

Marquis_de_Sade3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Killzone 2 looks like it's set to refine already existing aspects of the FPS genre rather than drastically raise the bar. Graphics don't really mean as much to compared to the visceral gameplay and ballistic physics, which look incredible.

I disagree with people proclaiming this the Halo CE of this generation, for me that game is without comparison (on a console basis, Half Life 2 on PC is exceptional) and stands as one of the greatest games of all time. However, along with Crysis and Call of Duty 4, I think it will be one of the defining FPS games of this generation.

Beast_Master3392d ago

I have to disagree with some of your comment, I think Bioshock was better than Half-Life 2, just my opinion, at least one had a real ending I still don't get what happened at the end of Half-life 2. But I agree COD4 did raise the bar. I think if KZ can deliver the same multi-player experiance as Halo or COD then it will be the next Halo. If it has a good single player story that is fine but if the Multi-player isn't tight then the game will be easily forgotten.

RebornSpy3392d ago

I like Half-Life 2 better. Definitely one of my favorite games ever.

Hopefully Killzone 2 will be genre-defining, but LBP was supposed to be genre-defining and look what happened. Amazing game but poor sales. Hopefully Sony marketing will market the Sh!t out of Killzone. And also that it's an awesome game.

AWBrawler3393d ago

Lets be serious banking on that as a console mover, is like banking on NMH2 to sell wiis, or Kid Icarus DS to move DSi.

Genki3393d ago

I certainly don't believe Killzone 2 to be a "game-changer" per se, but it could have an impact on the console.

Think of CoD4, a game that Killzone gets compared to all the time. IF that game were exclusive, it would most certainly have moved consoles in one direction or the other.

Now, I didn't expect CoD4 to blow up as big as it did either, because although they were good games, I don't remember the previous titles being such runaway successes. Although it came from a strong franchise, CoD4 really surprised me.

If Killzone 2 has a similar impact, I do think it would move consoles.

Mahr3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

A corporate testing game, a music band simulator, two MMORPGs, an FPS sequel, a GTA game, a camera application, and a Wii Sports sequel... wow, whole lot of change we can believe in. Are there any games without HUDs or RPGs developed by Square Enix coming out?

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