Virtual-Hideout: ECS GF9300T-A Black Series Motherboard Review

VH writes: " In the time after the Extreme series, ECS must have found a need for a new product line - since it's been in just recent times that the Black Series has come to life. Consisting of very attractive motherboards with a rich feature set, though a lacking bundle, ECS' Black series has set out to capture the heart, and summarily, wallet of the gamer. With a generally positive experience found on these boards; even if the overclocking has been universally lacking. Now, where the GF7300T-A sets apart from the rest of the series is in that it provides the user the paths of both performance and value, as well as sporting Hybrid SLI - a feature which could save power conscious gamers hundreds over the course of a year. The question really is, then - is this board worth it? Let's have a look."

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