Techtree: Galaxy 9800GTX+ Xtreme Tuner Edition Review

Techtree writes: "The battle between the HD4850 and the 9800GTX has been settled with Nvidia launching their 55nm version of the card to take on the ATI. While it did perform well in the performance to price ratio, the HD4850 clearly had the upper hand.

Today we have a 9800GTX+ from Galaxy which is another well-known manufacturer and BIG corporation distributes their cards in India. What we have today is the Xtreme Tuner Edition and also comes with a HDMI port. But will this be enough to offer more value over the HD4850? Well, I guess we'll see in a bit."

+Custom cooler and PCB
+HDMI port
+Good performance
+Low operating temeratures

=Still a bit pricey
-No DVI-VGA adapter included

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