Diehard GameFAN: Chrysler Classic Racing Review

Chrysler Classic Racing is a bad game whose sole redeeming values are its (ultimately squandered) concept and its name-brand license (which it puts to absolutely minimal use). The game looks and sounds okay, but between the poor storyline, lack of gameplay modes, wonky controls, collision detection and environmental mapping issues, lack of multiplayer options, lack of variety, and general overall lack of a sensation of speed, the game is simply not fun in any possible definition of the word.

It is entirely possible that someone, somewhere, will have fun playing this game, in much the same way that it's possible someone, somewhere would enjoy being gummed to death by a toothless shark. For most people though, there are far better choices of racing games available on the Wii, many of which can be played by more than two people. Most folks will be better off with one of those games instead of this.

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