Laser Gun Made with XBOX 360 Parts

Playing XBOX is fun, but burning things with a new James-Bond-like laser is even sweeter.

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jack who3393d ago

this is not gona end well

The Matrix3393d ago

Well I'm glad the 360 has some use!

JK, I'm a multiplatform owner but I couldn't resist.

Darkseider3393d ago

Not only is the 360 a small incendiary device but its' HD-DVD add-on can be used to burn things too! HD-DVD has some uses after all!

thereapersson3393d ago

Well, seeing as how you were brave enough to be the first one to post such a comment in the Gamer Zone, I'll award you a bubble for your courage.

ElementX3393d ago

You can use any blue diode

Bathyj3393d ago

Dont ruin our fun. ;)

Hiruma Youchi3393d ago

lol @ the James bond music .

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The story is too old to be commented.