Chop Till You Drop zombie count not at 100, but "still a lot"

It has been revealed that Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop will not feature 100 zombies in spite of the development team's aim to do so.

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NMC20073483d ago

Damn, that sucks, this is going to be a very boring game for Wii fans.

KidMakeshift3483d ago

Why did Capcom even bother?

No one wants to play this version of a 2 yr old game

They should've put the money into the sequel instead of trying to cash in on the Wii fad. I hope this blows up their faces so they'll stop making half-ass games for the system. If their going to make something for the Wii then let it be remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 or even a Zack & Wiki sequel

Close_Second3483d ago

...then it would be a new experience now wouldn't it. Hell, with so many Wiis being sold a month there are probably millions of Wii owners who have not played it at all.

I am fine with the Wii getting this as long as its designed to exploit the Wii for what it is and not make those playing it long for a more powerful console.

bym051d3483d ago

From the author: "Honestly, I’m not surprised that the developers were unable to add in 100 zombies at once. It’s actually not a big deal for me personally - if the game plays decently, I won’t mind. Besides, if Nintendo Power claims there’s “still a lot” of zombies, that’s enough for me."

Of course it's not a big deal for you. You're a Nintendo columnist. Likely, you wouldn't admit it if it did bother you.

Dead Rising is a game about swarms of zombies. Without swarms of zombies, it's not Dead Rising.

Voiceofreason3482d ago

It is Dead Rising because the maker says it is... Honestly you are being childish. They dont even state how many it has just not 100.. So it could have 99 and here you are crying. Even if it was 50 or 60 that's more than enough.

bym051d3481d ago

Yeah, because it's childish to have an opinion.

I don't think that consumers have to accept the word of the producers all the time. There are plenty of Star Wars fans who don't recognize Episodes I, II, and III as real parts of Star Wars. Their opinion is valid and not childish.

Mark it down. Dead Rising for Wii will be a bad game. It will be a bad game to cash in on the Wii phenomenon like most Wii games.