Techtree: Acer Aspire 4930 Review

Techtree writes: "Acer has completely revised its lineup of Notebooks and are back with a fresh new look. Gone are the creamy white interiors, instead Acer has decided to go all black and gray for their whole lineup, giving the Notebooks a more bold and aggressive look. Today we have their high-end performance Notebook, the Aspire 4930 with a powerful T5800 processor sitting at the heart of it. Designed for performance, the 4930 is built to last with a real solid construction and lots of sharp curves that add to the whole visual appeal. The lid itself is beautifully done with a blue sparkling pixie dust effect at the center, which would catch the attention of any buyer. Before we get on to the layout let's see what bundle Acer packs along with it."

+HDMI port
+Large trackpad
+Acer EasyPort IV connector
+Sturdy build
+Stylish design

-Feels Heavy
-Price could have been better
-Battery Life

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