PlayStation's Evolution

From Metal Gear Solid 1 on the PlayStation to Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation has truly revolutionized gaming. PlayStation has proved that it is the number 1 console on the market introducing new developers and new games time and time again. From 128 KB memory cards on the PlayStation , 8 MB memory cards on the PlayStation 2 and then hard drives on the PlayStation 3. Who knows what Sony has in store for us with the next PlayStation.

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ThatCanadianGuy3484d ago

I wouldn't be a gamer today if it wasn't for the amazing titles on the original Playstation.

Sure,i played nes,Snes alot.Zelda and mario were always fun to kill time with.

But i'll never forget the day i went to my friends house and he had a a demo for Metal Gear Solid.I seen him sneak through the base,soldiers following his foot prints in the snow as he snuck up behind them and chocked them to death.

Thats when i knew i would be playing games for the rest of my life.

gw4k3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

This has little to do with the story but it will make for an interesting read. I received this message from a fellow N4G member.

The 360 is currently better in all regards."

Right, because it is a reliable console that doesn't break often, it runs extremely quietly, it's got a standard hard drive in every console which you can remove and replace with an inexpensive, non-proprietary, bigger hard drive... and a blu-ray player, and blue-tooth support so you can use tons of wireless accessories that are inexpensive and non-proprietary, and wireless wi-fi internet capabilities without an overpriced proprietary accessory. And you can have a friends list, send messages, voice chat, video chat, send and receive game invites & files from your hard drive, and play any game online any time completely for free, forever.

Oh wait. None of that applies to the 360, and all of it applies to the PS3.

How again is the 360 "better in all regards?"
This is my reply

I understand your view points but there are flaws in your thinking.

First I have to say that my 360 is doing great! It should be getting repaired for the 5th time as we speak! Haha That is the only down side to the 360! The system is fantastic but reliable it is not!

The PS3 has it beat in that regards. My PS3 has never presented me with a problem mechanically.

Now lets move on to the points you made.

PS3 is quite. Yep, you are right there. But the 360 isnt what you would call loud either. So they are equal in that regards.

Harddrive. Yep, the PS3 comes with a harddrive and gives you the option to upgrade if you please. Most 360s come with HDs now but you have to purchase their brand and they are expensive. We will give that edge to the PS3.

Blu-Ray is nice but the jump in quality isnt worth the additional fee for the movies. This is important. The 360 plays dvd and that is fine. Upscaling on the PS3 is nice so we will give it an edge there as well.

Blue-tooth! Who gives a sh*t! The technology is fine for mice and keyboards but not headsets. 90% of players using a blue-tooth headset sound like they are in a tin can. It breaks up and is works about half the time. Everyone I know who has a PS3 has switched to a USB mic and I have as well. This is a major problem with the PS3. Continuing on, communication through the PSN network is sloppy and painful. If you have used Live you will see that it is a lot better! Voice messages are easy to listen too, easy to reply too. Typing a text message is easier to do. The mic for the 360 is higher quality and the network can handle higher bitrates. This equals a huge edge for the 360.

Custom Sound tracks are next. The PS3 has this now but very limited. Only selected game use this feature. On the 360, all game have this. A win for the 360.

PS3 Wifi: This equals crap again. No one that uses the wifi has good experiences. I have tried and guess what, crap. Constant drops, slow exchanges. I am not the only one, each of my friends have tried it and have the same problem. Do a search on the net and you will see the same problem is wide spread. Again, a pointless feature since it doesn't work efficiently.

Friends: Yes the PS3 has friends and you can chat and invite but it works like pure number 2. It is a sloppy system that needs major work. The Live system is faster, easier, and gives more options. Not only that but inviting friends to a game of anything only works half the time. It is buggy, laggy and poor! Also, no voice messages from the PS3.

Sure the PSN is free but with the way it is now, I wouldn't pay for such poor service. It should be free and Sony knows it. That is why it is free. If it can not compare to the competition you can't charge for it. Simple as that.

I haven't begun to talk about the games and the nonsense that comes with this aspect.

Load times, install times, download times and then the install times, poor network performance, clan support, communication during game play, etc. Not including terrible graphics (for the most part, there are some gems), terrible multiplatform games.

As for the 360, it doesnt have any of those problems. You have clans, communication, fast network, and the game graphics are better! Simply put! There is no arguing this.

Also, do we need to talk about force feedback? I remember I had to buy my controller! Standard on the 360! Even the dual shock is under powered compared to the rumble of the 360.

The 360 has a huge lead on the PS3, not just in sales but in features, performance and ease of use. Oh yeah, then there is a games. Exclusives to the PS3 come to the 360. Why? Because MS has the money to get them. That is big news for any gamer! Sony isnt willing to do this for their gamers. Something to think about!

I want to love my PS3 but when the truth is true that makes it a fact. The fact is the PS3 is a let down of a system. That may change this year and I hope it does. I would love for the PS3 to become my number 1 console, but as a serious gamer that is impossible.

Not one person I know that has both systems think the PS3 has the edge. Not ONE!

I have the feeling you only have a PS3 and I am sure you enjoy it. But you do not know what you are missing! With that being said, I do not blame you for standing up for the system.

Response to the idiot below.

I have two bubbles because I speak the truth on the PS3. You uneducated fan boys love to take me bubbles when I happen to point out a fact on the PS3.

It is sad that kids so young rule this board. There are some mature games and you can separate them by their middle of the road, honest stances.

You need to get in class little fella before you dad takes your PS3 away!

As for party chat, no problems here amigo! Might be your dialup connection! HEHEHE Got ya, I win!

XxZxX3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

gw4k, do you honestly thinking that we would take a 2 bubble trolls seriously? Wall of crap.. yeah yeah talk like XBOX Live so great. I got friends keep dropping off party chat when we have more than 6 members in highly appraise xbox live. Your crap talk wouldnt fool anyone of us.

callahan093483d ago


You complain about a flaw in MY logic (that's right, the private message he quoted as receiving here was from me)? You're the one who just "gave the edge" to the PS3 in a few of those regards, so how is it MY logic that's wrong when I refute your statements that "the 360 is better than the PS3 in every regard." The keyword in your argument is "EVERY" ... it's simply not better in every regard. Period.

Powertesties3483d ago

You really found a good place to make your point. Haha Not!!! This site is mostly PS3 users. I am one of them but I do enjoy my 360.

Both systems have their pluses and each have their cons. I can see what you mean about the sub-par multi-platform games but this is going to change this year. Developers are using the PS3 at the front of line. Developing for the PS3 as their lead system will greatly help change this around.

The 360 has some awesome games and if you can swing it, get a 360. Just be prepared to send it off to good ol' Microsoft a million times. They do cover all the costs so that is a plus but it really sucks having to send your system off every few months.

The PS3 is going to have a great year, MS will too.

Either enjoy your PS3 or sell it. Happy Gaming!

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tommy-cronin3484d ago

That game was one of the best games ever.

WinterWolf3484d ago

Say what you want about Sony, but they do have 3 successful game consoles on the market right now (PS2, PSP, PS3). And we should remember, Sony has also been a major player in the evolution of gaming....and still is.

tommy-cronin3484d ago

Killzone 2 will seal the deal for loving sony for the rest of my life

Kratos Spartan3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

it was Sony who came in and changed the whole game with the Playstation. But my god the memories I have with damn near all the consoles over all these long years. For as long as I can move, and as long as their is still a game to play, I will be playing it. 'Til death do us part. 26 years gaming.

bubbles for all...

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