PSX Extreme: UFC 2009 Undisputed Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "These days, the main combat attraction is no longer boxing: it's Ultimate Fighting. Therefore, it only makes sense that we see an increased interest in video games that attempt to emulate the intensity and brutality of the Octagon, and in turn, it's logical to assume that studios will put that much more effort into such productions. Enter UFC 2009 Undisputed, which should be the deepest, most realistic UFC title ever. Developed by WWE SmackDown! creators Yuke's Media Creations and published by THQ, this year's installment will stand out for a variety of reasons; namely, the use of amazingly fluid and authentic fighter renderings and animations, and an extraordinary level of detail throughout. If you're a fan of Ultimate Fighting and you're familiar with the television broadcasts, you'll immediately feel at home when playing Undisputed, as it appears that Yuke's spared no expense in recreating the experience of watching – and now, interacting with – the world's most demanding and dangerous one-on-one sport. Commentators Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg will solidify the realistic feel, so prepare yourself for what could be a top-notch simulator."

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Sano643515d ago

Its looking good but where is all the blood??? Please dont be a teen rated game!!!

legendkilla3515d ago

im sure they will have blood! why wouldn't they??

Sano643515d ago

Im just worried they might try what MK vs DC did to try and reach a bigger audience. They have been showing pics of this game for a long time now and blood does not seem like something you would add at the last minute...

legendkilla3515d ago

fair enought! maybe im just hoping for the best :)

PirateThom3515d ago

If Smackdown vs Raw has blood, I'd be very surprised if this didn't.

Sano643515d ago

Lots of people find MMA too graphic so they might get scared and give us something that wont offend moms. THQ please don't do what I think your gonna do!