Torontothumbs Preview - Fragile : Farewell Ruins of the Moon

While Square-Enix seems to spend more time talking about development rather than delivering on product, Namco-Bandai has quietly brought compelling entries to all three platforms.

Developed by tri-Crescendo (Eternal Sonata), Fragile : Farewell Ruins of the Moon releases for the Wii in Japan on January 22nd, and appears as another unique entry from a development/publishing duo that is single-handedly rejuvenating the RPG genre.

Taking place in a world where the population has vanished, players explore abandoned cities while attempting to solve that mystery, but more importantly searching for someone to keep them company. The Wii-mote functions as a flashlight used to penetrate the thick fog that encompasses environments. The world is dubbed post-apocalyptic, having lost its light and become covered by this fog. But while this sounds like the premise for a survival horror title, the trailer illustrates an eerily serene landscape that feels more sorrowful than fearful. There's an aesthetic of abandonment present that speaks to my sense of wonder more than the destroyed environments that ruled 2008. That's not to say I don't enjoy roaming through an apocalyptic wasteland, rather that the quiet tones and scenes of life mysteriously interrupted seem fresh in comparison.

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