Trophies Reflect Skill More than Achievements

It was inevitable that gamers would compare Playstation 3 trophies to the Xbox 360's achievements. While it's true that both reward systems add a considerable amount of replayability to games, it's still unclear which is superior. The main thing that Xbox 360 fans can boast is that achievements are mandatory for every game available on the Xbox 360 and it has been that way since the launch of the system. It is a shame that the trophy system Sony implemented in many of its games were not available at launch and was not mandatory throughout most of 2008. Hopefully, trophy support becomes mandatory in 2009, so that gamers aren't torn between buying games based on whether or not they support trophies. Regardless of which was around longer, trophies and achievements are very similar, and are in direct competition for gamers attention. Here are the reasons why trophies should motivate more gamers to collect them all rather than collecting achievement points.

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meepmoopmeep3512d ago

Sony has already stated that Trophies are mandatory starting Jan. 2009

MrWeymes3512d ago

I didn't know if it was a rumour, or a fact, so I didn't want to misinform anyone. Thanks, though.

PirateThom3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I think it was actually Capcom, rather than Sony, who confirmed it.

It became part of the developer's game requirements.

The Lazy One3512d ago

Specific models for trophies are not required though.

Bnet3433512d ago

I hope so, I need more PS3 games, and I don't buy games without trophies. Trophies (as well as achievements) give replay value.

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na2ru13512d ago

If you have e.g. 30 bronze, 4 silvers and 1 gold, your a fairly ok player with not so ubertacular skills.

But with at least say, 10-20 golds and several platinums, sure it's easy to recognise who the superintendent player is.

As for achievments, well it could be 500, 5000, 12000 and meaninless.

Bubble Buddy3512d ago

^, it's true. You can have 3953 bronze and it won't mean anything. I got 2 platinums and 11 gold only :(.

PoSTedUP3512d ago

try getting a couple gold trophy's in wipeoutHD, pssh good luck... cant wait for home to be finished so i can cash my trophys in for goods : )

ThatCanadianGuy3512d ago

"I rather spend two minutes blowing my 360 controller. hehe"

Your parents must be proud.

NegativeCreepWA3512d ago

A Platinum trophy only shows you have more time to complete tedious task. You can get the Resistance 2 platinum just from playing a lot no skill required. The individual trophy/achievement is what matters to me, not my over all score. I'd say about 90% of trophies/achievements require no skill at all and if they do people complain there to hard.

gambare3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

A highly skilled player in R2 can get the 10k kills way faster than a non skilled player, so one less skilled player can quit a trophy just because he doesn't have the same skills than other, same with the superhuman challenge.

and it doesn't matter if you have 300+ trophies if they are all bronze, other can have 20+ but if they are all gold, well... I think that says a lot.

player9113512d ago

While I agree that seeing a high gamerscore on Xbox Live *might* make you think the player is a gaming god... but just like PSN users can look at the colored trophies... 360 owners can look at the individual achievements as well and see which ones are stupid and which ones are impossible.

All achievements have different value amounts. Easy ones have lower values vs the hard ones. It also tells the observer how many points the player achieved per game (out of 1000; eg. 545/1000)

So there really isn't much difference except the way it is presented. One of the differences (which I really favor) in the way it is presented is that each achievement has a unique fancy icon. Each icon is sharp and eye-catching which makes looking through players profiles fun and varying.

TheDude2dot03512d ago

I personally feel that trophies are much better in terms of accomplishment. I always try to get as many trophies as possible, and it feels great to get them. My Gamerscore doesn't affect me as much, but I still like to collect all the achievements.

Sony PlayStation 33512d ago

Super StarDust HD's trophies were "super" hard and one of the hardest was only bronze! I got 100% though and almost destroyed my living room in the process.

WipEout HD's trophies are ludicrously hard too! "Transcendence" - yeah, forget it! My friend has the platinum (I honestly don't know how he got it) but I only have 36%.

I have the Burnout platinum (including motorcycle trophies) and I have to say that Burnout's trophies are the most fun to achieve! It never felt like a chore and I had a blast the whole way!

Sony PlayStation 33512d ago

The platinum is the big difference for me. If there wasn't a platinum, I would never go for some of those annoying bronze trophies. When there's a platinum though, EVERY single trophy counts.

meepmoopmeep3512d ago

your avatar just friggin rocks, mate!!!

anyway, Sony did say they will make it mandatory and i believe it starts 2009

Marceles3512d ago

The only thing I can go by with trophies and achievements, especially on this site, is if your score doesn't reflect how much of a fanboy you are here, shut your mouth and play some games. If you have a 1000 or less gamerscore, or you only have a few bronze and silvers, but you're totally bashing another system then you have some more gaming to do before I think you know what you're talking about here.

likedamaster3512d ago

"" If you have e.g. 30 bronze, 4 silvers and 1 gold, your a fairly ok player with not so ubertacular skills.

But with at least say, 10-20 golds and several platinums, sure it's easy to recognise who the superintendent player is.

As for achievments, well it could be 500, 5000, 12000 and meaninless. ""

Don't forget "achievements" tell you exactly how you got it, also, gamerscore is just a bonus.

C_SoL3512d ago

U try getting the WipEoutHD platium trophy......I already have it. Thank you very much. PSNid:C_SoL

Viper73512d ago

Actualy its not always the gold and silver trophy that take the skill. There are plenty bronze trophies that are way harder to get than silver and gold trophies.

Not to mention the oh yet so annoying "grind" trophies. I mean like in Resistance2 I can say that some1 is pretty good player when he manages to get the OMGWTFBBQ trophy which is probably the hardest one in the game.
However one needs 10,000 multiplayer kills in order to get platinium, now thats grind and gold trophy and not really related to skills at all more to the play time.

Same goes with platinium in wipeout, there are few really hard ones like zone zues and beat zico, but then you are suddenly forced to grind all the skins open and get 100,000 points for one team and kill 50 players in multiplayer..

but the most annoying of all are the "party" trophies, I mean "Bling brigade" and Burnout paradice "meet at the baseball stadium" are just plain stupid.

So value of trophies is pretty mixed up imo.

Bob Dole3511d ago

Get all the trophies for Super Stardust HD. If you can do this you are a gaming god.

Bubble Buddy3511d ago

lol thanks meep. :D. Yeah suddenly lost two bubbles o_0.


This is definitely the next step we must go.

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mintaro3512d ago

Skill? They do exactly the same thing, increase E-Peen.


Deviant3512d ago

300 trophies ...and it still feels short :(

SullyDrake3512d ago

True gamers do them first and foremost for the skill.

Secondly, your profile has a level, and collecting Trophies gives you exp. It's more like an RPG than E-peen. It's like, suddenly, the games you play are being played within a game.

Third, who ever complained about anything extra? Trophies and Achievements give you an incentive to try new thingsm or master the game on the hardest difficulty. It's just another challenge, and isn't that what gaming is about? Sure, fun, but without challenge, fun turns to repetition. Gaming, at it's core, is about challenge.

And I believe Trophies are superior for one reason: Platinum. What do you get for completing a 360 game 1000/1000? Just the points. But with Trophies, you get the exp of collecting every Trophy, and you collect the Platinum only after getting the rest first. It's a great reason to polish off a game.

Not to mention that Sony is actually incorporating them into Home, so they actually DO something rather than just provide a challenge.

MiloGarret3512d ago

"True gamers do them first and foremost for the skill."

Guess I'm not a true gamer then because I couldn't care less about achievements or trophies. Thankyou for letting me know that apparently I'm a... fake gamer? Or... heavens forbid, CASUAL player! Nooooooooooo.

Should I get a WII?

SullyDrake3512d ago

No, you can be a true gamer. I'm talking about people who do care. Some people do it to show off, and I think that's stupid. Of course it's nice to brag a bit an have pride, but you earn them as a sense of self-accomplishment first and foremost.

I don't think that gaming to show off is true gaming. Showing off is nice, but fun and challenge is always first, cuz why do something you don't like?

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Liquid Snake3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Trophies Reflect Skill More than Achievements tis is true.

Having a gamerscore of 3000 doesnt mean anything. IN THEORY it justs shows you played 300 games getting 10gp on each game, this is just an example.

Edited the rest of comment as it was jibberish.

MrWeymes3512d ago

While it's not likely that someone plays 300 games to gain 10 points each, it is possible. I believe the way the trophy system is set up is superior to the achievement system. I went more in depth in the article.

Nathaniel_Drake3512d ago

Good article MrWeymes, the trophy is the better system for showing skill level

The Lazy One3512d ago

that's uber low...

I don't even try to get achievements and I have 13000. I think the highest I know is 39000ish.

Gamerscore isn't a reflection of skill, it's a reflection of how much you play games. Truskill measures actual skill, but you can't see those numbers. Achievements are, more than anything, a set of goals to increase replayability on games. If you're looking to them for skill reflection, you're looking in the wrong place.

na2ru13512d ago

so that it gets divided by the number of games played and saved.

If you play 300 games with 10pt each, your average will be 10pt. that way, skills will be more distinguishable.

BRG90003511d ago

Well it does show you your gamerscore out of the possible score based on the games you've played, so it's pretty easy to do the math. As far as I know this isn't displayed publicly though, which would be nice.

baodeus3511d ago

@liquid Snake

"Trophies Reflect Skill More than Achievements tis is true.

Having a gamerscore of 3000 doesnt mean anything. IN THEORY it justs shows you played 300 games getting 10gp on each game, this is just an example."

I guess that is the only thing you check is the point. Have you ever actually go in and check on his/her individual achievements for each game? Harder achievment give them more points than easier one. But overall, i guess the trophy right off the bat seem easier to spot skill players. Achievement point take a little bit more time.

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terrandragon3512d ago

Lol, I just like the sound of getting an achievement.

MrWeymes3512d ago

My next article is going to be "Achievement sound Vs Trophy sound."

(I hope this is taken as a joke.)

jwatt3512d ago

I actually like the trophy sound better, it's like a charm sound but they both sound nice.

Gambit073512d ago

Any links to the achievement sound?

MaximusPrime3512d ago

i like Trophy sound. it sounds much better than achievement.

IcarusOne3511d ago

Personally I like the feel of getting an achievement more, but that's partly because I've been getting them much longer than trophies.

A well-thought out article that I kind of agree with. The fact that trophies are divided between bronze, silver, gold and platinum adds context to the difficulty. True, achievements come in varying points, but typically the big point achievements are for something as simple as finishing a chapter/act. When you see someone has 3 platinum trophies, I think this says more about a gamer than 18,000 points.

My own opinion has surprised me.

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