Techtree: Zenith Director Plus Ultra Review

Techtree writes: "After the Zenith Admirale left a lasting impression on us, today we have the Zenith Director Plus Ultra, a full-blown business Notebook that can easily double up as an entertainment and gaming Notebook.

There are three different versions of the Director Plus, all having very similar configurations and the one we have today is the full-blown version with a 9600 MGS onboard with 512MB of dedicated RAM, which is amazing for a Notebook in this category.

The Director Plus Ultra is a very stylish Notebook with a nice embossed pattern over the lid as well as the interior. So let's see how this one fares."

+Nvidia 9600 MGS (512 MB)
+HDMI out

-Heats up quite a bit
-Only 1GB RAM
-Battery Life

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