Techtree: Worst phones of 2008

Techtree writes: "The year 2008 was one the best years that the mobile industry has seen. The number of phones released was way beyond what we've ever seen. Though the number of phones released in the international market is much higher, the situation in India is improving.

Earlier the consumer had to wait for about two or three months for the phone to be released in the Indian market. While many waited for the release, others would go and get the phone from the grey market.

However, all that is changing now. India now sees simultaneous launch of phones or at times early launch of phones. While this may sound good, many a times in a bid to outdo each other, manufacturers make products that fall short of expectations and turns out to be a complete failure."

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morganfell3424d ago

What's wrong with this website? It is pretty easy to spot:

One of the phones on their best of list:

One of the phones on their worst of list:

L Ronald Hubbard3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

The... the... the... Iphone?!?!!!11


I was planning to get it but meh...

morganfell3424d ago

But how do you put the same phone on your best of and worst of list? I have a 16GB 3G and it is a great phone.

celldomceen13424d ago

the rumor was the worst phone of 2008 99% failure rate.

EastCoastSB3424d ago

I've heard some bad stuff about the Blackberry Storm too. Which is a shame because I was looking forward to getting one.

celldomceen13424d ago

yea it has a lot of glitches many people bought it kept it for a couple days and then took it back.

Killzonegamer833424d ago

I have the Iphone 3g and its the best phone on the market. Its kind of funny because all my friends that have verizon got the storm, and the first few days they say they love it and even point out features saying its like my iphone, a month later they admit they really want the iphone but they cant terminate their contract.

This is another reason why to never listen to internet reviewers, they are wrong about the PS3 when they say its a failure and they are wrong about the Iphone

chrisnick3424d ago

u need to google the pwned once again.

Max Power3424d ago

iphone if i didn't have to pay 300 bucks for it then pay over 1000 every year i have the dumb thing.

ambientFLIER3424d ago

I got a Storm for my gf. She likes it so far, but it does have glitches like freezing and sluggish response.

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The story is too old to be commented.