Suzuki Xbox dashboard mod for the undignified gamer on the go

Engadget: "Some Xbox 360 mods are the product of serious craftsmanship, some are rather silly, and some -- like this Suzuki automobile console / Xbox 360 game console hybrid -- really give one pause. This isn't the sort of thing that one spends moments / hours / weeks on, after which he reflects for a moment ("Aren't I rather clever?"), and then hides it safely in the closet (or sells it on eBay). No, this is an automobile. We're guessing that the slight cringe of embarrassment he's going to feel when picking up his date for the cotillion will be outweighed by the safety and security he feels knowing that he can always play Super Smash Bros. Brawl -- even on the road. According to the photo's description on Flickr, this car features not one but two Xbox 360s, two projectors, and two flat screens. The game controllers are availabe at a moment's notice -- including one in the steering wheel, one in front of the gear shifter -- and one of the 360s is set in the dashboard. Oy vey."

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Heldrasil3304d ago

"Super Smash Bros. Brawl "

Does this writer of this little article know his consoles at all?

Sibs3304d ago

It was a joke...

Not a funny one, but a joke nonetheless