Gamestyle Preview: F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

In Project Origin you take the role of Michael Beckett, part of a Delta commando unit sent to the city of Auburn following the dramatic finale of the original F.E.A.R. As a member of this specialist team you have your own unique ability to slow time, which proves essential during some encounters. To say Auburn is now a neighbourhood you wouldn't want to hang around at any time of the day is an understatement. The city has been ripped apart by the paranormal rage of Alma and is in ruins, with plenty of gore on the agenda. Law and order is no more, with urban fighting commonplace, the city gripped by a sense of fear. Your squad must somehow survive the paranormal and rudimentary enemies, whilst investigating the phenomenon and trying to find a way to stop Alma. That's if she can be stopped at all?

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edwineverready3510d ago

Had great A.I but that was the only impressive thing about it. It was a bad port for the ps3. As all ported games where in the beginning.

dgroundwater3510d ago

Yep, even the 360 bundle of ports were average at best. Yucky. I really think it will be a much better case this time around for both of us.