2008 GWJ Community Game of the Year Awards

As a rule, we at Gamerswithjobs avoid putting together any kind of intenal Game of the Year awards, primarily because the debate over the value and standards of such a thing would result in bloodshed, assault charges and the very likely ritual suicide of our own literary leporidae. Besides, it's far less interesting for us to make grand pronouncements from on high, and far more interesting to hear what a few hundred gamers we trust actually have to say on the matter.

This year's Game of the Year contest was a horse race with a true photo finish, and like that spunky sentaorial upstart Al Franken, I'd not be surprised to see Valve's lawyers demand a laborious recount to contest the result in favor of the close runner-up, Left 4 Dead. But, until that comes to pass, I will grudgingly validate these results, and congratulate the GWJ Community Game of the Year: Fallout 3!

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