Fooled Me Once

What's the saying, " Fooled me once shame on you, fooled me twice shame on me," but we should have never been fooled in the first place. its definitely going to take more than pretty graphics to fool me next generation. Is it me or is this it?

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Shadow Flare3426d ago

"Systems aren’t as reliable and software is such a hit and miss"

Please don't assume the ps3 is like the 360 without trying it

Genesis53426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

I don't know. I have really been enjoying this gen. I have played some great games with great stories.

I started gaming a little bit earlier than the author of this article. I had to wait for pong to be invented.

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Oner3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Absolutely agree Morganfell & waits for Figboy's views on the subject. But on topic some of his info is severely skewed...

1) The original NES had the metal contacts oxidization/wear down problem which was exacerbated even more by blowing in the cartridges as the moisture in your breath actually would speed up the process. So I can't see how he could say it was "reliable". His take on the games on the NES does hold true though.

2) The Atari & Coleco systems, Sega Master System, SNES, Genesis, Dreamcast, 3DO, Jaguar, Neo Geo, Gamecube, N64 and a couple of others where reliable though he only mentions the DC in his "article"?

3) We all know the PS1 had it's issue with the CD drive wearing down and making the laser become out of focus. An easy fix by either flipping the console upside down OR tweaking the laser pots & drive mechanism. NOT acceptable for a consumer to have to deal with but it wasn't to big of a deal as it still worked.

4) The PS2 also had it's fair share of DRE's but for a system to sell 125+ Million (and still selling) it was (and again still is) within industry standards of just seemed like a lot because when you do the math it comes out to be low single digit "millions" in comparison with another console almost pushing undoubtedly double digit millions...

5) The original Xbox was where the term RROD originally started form of which "certain types" always seem to forget. But while this system sold over 25 million the percentages from my stand point was probably within industry standards or maybe just a smidgen outside. No big deal but I have seem my fare share of "Christmas Tree Lights" on original Xbox's

6) The 360......where do I start? Or should I even begin for fear of the backlash I will undoubtedly receive because "certain types" will b!tch, cry, moan and try and spin into some type of misinformation/misdirection? Look if anyone STILL will not agree or cannot/will not see the amount of failure percentage the 360 has and what/how M$ acted this gen REALLY needs to read this VERY CLOSELY and don't even get me started with how the total failure of pushing the technology to offer something "more" to grow the industry instead of hampering it and themselves...look into planned obsolescence if you question that.

7) Handheld systems can't really be included as they are prone to breaking/damage from dropping accidents.

There where at least 2-3 other spots in the article of which I could have pointed out as "iffy" but whatever...I really only take issue with RELIABILITY. As the games on ALL of these systems over ALL these years have been without question extremely fun to play & enjoy for me since the late 70's.

To see the progression of graphics from dots on a screen (Asteroids) to photo realistic graphics (GT5P) has been nothing short of astonishing in my eyes. In addition to how AI (Uncharted & LFD and such) along with Story line (absolutely Metal Gear Series, ESPECIALLY MGS4!) and how the social aspect has grown exponentially (LIVE!, PC Gaming like CS & other content like what is available on the PSN Store gaming/video).

I know I am forgetting a lot of things but as a REAL GAMER for so many damned years I think I would know a thing (or two) about what the [email protected]&# I am talking about...something NO immature, biased & childish FANBOY can dispute or challenge. Though watch some try....

Ryudo3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

A thread of foolish fanboy rants about which system is better. Clearly when it comes to hardware and reliability the PS3 wins all day long. Does that mean the PS3 is going to come out on top with out games that actually sell and people to buy there consoles no. You go on about what feature the PS3 has here and how much better it is here I have a PS3 yeah I love the features.

But unpopular to the completely insane PS3 crowd belief, Its games that sell a system not features. Its a console!! your supposed to play games on it. Nintendo is storming its rivals because it understands this fact. The Wii doesn't have super jazzy online chat systems and blu-ray.

The Wii sells well because it brings people enjoyment from games like a real console is supposed to. Yeah the games blow for the most part but that doesn't matter you cant tell me 1 person that hasn't picked the Wii up and enjoyed it right away.

So let me spell this out stick your reliability where the sun don't shine. The PS2 and PSX didn't have much didn't stop them being a mass success. I love my Blu-Ray drive is it going to add to the enjoyment of my games NO!

Yeah the PS3 has better graphics but let me ask you this for a 20 minute playing session. do you really think 90 percent of the world would enjoy MGS4 over WiiSports? You "gamers" need to learn this and learn this fast the PS3 graphics doesn't mean anything to most of the market. No one is going to buy a PS3 over a 360 because its graphics are abit better unless there an uber nerd.

The only way the PS3 is going to beat the 360 is with good old fashioned games. The rest is an utter nonsense when it comes to making a console choice. And it doesn't matter how much better the PS3 games are then the 360 games if they don't appeal to people. Valkryia Chronicles is a prime example.

Your totally right the games industry will grow so much better if the PS3 won because it has better hardware. I mean look at the PC gaming industry its HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not........

Nintendo should of seen this coming with them only selling 10 Wii's world wide bloody fools. They should of made the Wii with 24CPU's 78GB of RAM and HD2700000p and sold the console at 400USD. Only losing 900000USD on each console purchased.

Oner3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

It seems you didn't understand the meaning of pushing tech to grow the industry.

History has shown us progression in tech (or riding the bleeding edge of it) ultimately benefits the user and can help grow/expand the industry

Take these for example:

1) Cartridge - hardware limitations & size, expensive/costly & time consuming to make
2) CD - larger available size (6-700 mb) compared to previous generation
3) DVD - at least 6-7x greater capacity over CD
4) DVD9 - or DL (dual layer) = 2x the size over standard DVD
5) BD - a little more than 3x the size over DVD9
6) BD DL - 2x that of BD and almost 6x that of a DVD9 dual layer

And that is just for media that does not account for hardware innovations. ***Once again*** I know I will probably get the crap end of the stick for using Sony as an example but I will also add Ninty afterwards to help explain my point...(some of the next portions are bastardized from previous discussions along similar topics so please take them as a reference more than anything. As some of it may be out of place. OK?)

PS1 1995-2000 5 years of support and value ~ 102+ million units sold

CD based gaming leaps and bounds over cartridges & first real successful attempt at 3D based console gaming along with FMV (in game) & CD audio playback as well as in some countries VCD (Video Compact Disc playback both combined equal the start of a multimedia system.

PS2 2000-200? 8+ years of support and value & still going ~ 130+ million sold DVD based gaming with more capacity for even better, larger more immersive worlds along with bleeding edge technology that is the Emotion Engine PLUS DVD Movie playability, CD audio, Digital Optical out 5.1 surround gaming & home theater, the beginning attempts of Hard Drive & Internet inclusion as well as HD gaming (GT4, GoW etc.) with component cables & lastly Backwards Compatibility

PS3 2007-Est.2017 Sony has released statements of a 10 year life span/support ~ 17+ million & selling BD based gaming with ALL THE ABOVE (PS1/PS2) & more. Internet, Browsing, Standard Hard Drive in ALL consoles, HDMI Standard, Partitioning of HD for Linux, DiVx & other media formats, HD Gaming, Home Theater & HD video capabilities, PC connection, PSP remote connection, Open peripheral abilities (i.e. Logitech's G25, or Keyboard's & Mice etc.) Free online gaming & much much more that I know I have missed.

If THAT is not innovation that improves the industry then please someone interject with some pertinent contextual information that shows for Ninty there is no doubt they have innovated and actual should be held as the ones who STARTED this and are 100% hands down responsible. They are the birthplace of diverse, genre defining, titles! It is undoubtedly a fact that without the NES we wouldn't be where we are today when it comes to the imaginations of what all those devs gave us that STILL continues today in one shape or form (especially including sequels)!

But that is not all, as software is only one aspect when discussing Ninty as well. You only have to look back at what they have tried (and sometimes failed) at their attempts...

1) The Game & Watch portables (I have to add I still have my original Donkey Kong & JR)
2) How they had some hand in the Coleco Mini Arcade's with Donkey Kong featuring Mario etc.
3) The NES R.O.B. (of which I might add I still have my ORIGINAL)
4) The Power Glove
5) The NES Light Gun
6) The NES Advantage ~ joystick controller
7) The Original Gameboy
8) SNES Super Scope
9) SNES Super Gameboy adapter
10) SNES Mario Paint with mouse and pad
11) Virtual Boy (that damned thing made me SOOO sick playing it)
12) The N64 Controller, rumble & ram expansion pack
13) The DS
14) The Wii

And that is just off the top of my head!...look I don't care if people agree or disagree with what I said but it is hard to dispute it ;)

SL1M DADDY3425d ago

Not to be picky here but the original Xbox sold 24 million in 4 years and it took the 360 3 years to hit that same amount. That's a bit more than half the time...

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drewdrakes3426d ago

Anti-cheating measures should be enhanced a lot more. Cheaters just take the fun out of the games. Just because they suck they have to cheat and bring down others experience?

Im ok with graphics advancing though, its pretty. Portal is a game that advanced more and had pretty graphics.

ppthedipshit3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

The old Xbot saying goes, Fooled me once shame on you, fooled me twice shame on you, fooled me thrice shame on you, fooled me a forth time shame on you, fooled me a fifth shame on you, fooled me sixth shame on on me.

If every Xfag keeps on fooling themselves its +1 or +6 to Micro$hafts install base. That my friends is how Micro$oft sold 25 million Sh1tbox 3-Fix-Me's.

Sez 3426d ago

so was the same thing said when the ps1 and ps2 had problems. the ps1 you had to turn over to play. and the ps2 suffered from dre. oh and i can't forget about how sony's reliable laptop batteries right. your a clown spin that @sswipe.

ppthedipshit3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

what the fuk you talking about Bot, i've had my PS1 for 12 years and it still works , unlike that junk of an Xbox 3-Fux-Me. I've had my PS2 for 6 Years and works fine.

How is a Laptop a Console? then lets talk about that failure of a Zune and Vista, see how irrelevant it is to gaming? Also I have never owned a laptop so how does you crud of a argument effect me?

The Ps2 and PS1 failure where/and are 2-3 % unlike your 33-to 68% of your Sh1tbox 3-Fix-Me. The fact your comparing the Sh1tbox 3-Fix-Me to a last gen and a console from 2 generations ago proves how sh1t your console is. Are you saying your console is of last gen material?

your a clown spin that @sswipe.

drewdrakes3426d ago

Neither Vista nor the Zune fail. Only the retards that attempt to use them fail. If you know what youre doing (other then that date flaw with the Zune, entirely Microsoft's fault) then you should have no problems.

GiantEnemyLobster3426d ago

He only says Zune and Vista fail because hes still angry that his Celeron D/256mb RAM craputer can't run Vista. And he hates on the Zune because he still thinks Sony Walkman Cassette players are hip.

NegativeCreep4273426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

How does Microsoft's bunghole taste?


Yes it seriously boggles my mind in how most xbots can just go and continue to buy new units of a defective console over and over and OVER again!!! Yet also defend the console like if it doesn't have a major hardware problem.

Take the 25 or so million xbox 360 sold figure and reduce it by at least 20% and that is the actual amount of the xbot 360 userbase

dukadork23426d ago

"oh baby, fool me once again, i've got my astroglide with me"

GiantEnemyLobster3426d ago

Why are you posting on that account? what happened to 'dukadork'? Oh yeah it has 1 bubble LOL owned. Only a matter of time before we see dukadork3

Narutone663426d ago

Sony did a massive recall of their defective laptop batteries. MS should do the same with their defective console.

Sez 3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

i see you need some attention to. so i will give you some. OK. sony should have recalled the ps2. because of the dre problem. did they?NO. in fact they denied the problem until a class-action suit made them fix it for free. then sony decided to remodel the ps2. did it fixs the problem? NO it didn't. i took the third time (the slim version) to fix the problem. so why didn't sony recall all ps2. and it wasn't just sony who recall the batteries. DELL,HP,and a couple others maker who used the batteries did. so plz get your info together first ok. you can goggle the info if you think i'm lying. now you got your attention. now go away little one. your not ready to spar with the big boys.

edit: one more thing. if you want to claim that the ps2 only had a 2%-3%failure rate. i hope you have a link to back up your claim. if not STFU and play your ps3 and stop wasting my time with stupid comments ok.

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Lord Vader3426d ago

Good stuff = great article & oh so true.

"Patch me once, patch me twice..."

Aft3rKill3426d ago

Excellent article. good read.
I know exactly what you mean. You pay $600 for one system and 300-400 for the other and 200 for the other. At any of those prices I should never see a freeze or flaw. If I pay $600 I better get one stable system.

The games which he mentioned next are another thing. I can go to EB pay about 2-5$ get some NES games and be on them for days, and with some months even. This generation is full of half assed attempts to make something called game with $60 price tag. If I am paying $60 I should get a killer story and hell of a long story. The ps3 has the least excuse you have 50G use it. I pay $60 you can fit a lengthy story and good online, don't skimp.

Panthers3426d ago

Thats very unrealistic. Just because you pay $600 for a system or $30000 for a car does not mean it wont have issues. But I agree that the failure rate of one system was just ridiculously high.

I wish we didnt have to worry about technology breaking, but thats never going to happen.

meepmoopmeep3426d ago

"Thats very unrealistic. Just because you pay $600 for a system or $30000 for a car does not mean it wont have issues."


as long as the problems aren't a plague it's normal

Sarcasm3426d ago

All this talk about length being compared to older generation games.

I personally would rather have 10-12 hours of pure quality next-gen gaming instead of 50 hours of 8bit graphics. (single player, online play is damn near infinite)

Of course that's just my mentality today. Back then I wouldn't mind 50 hours of 8 bit graphics because at the time, that was as cutting edge as it could have been.

If you guys really have a problem with today's games, then get an Atari and quit your complaining.