Mac Gains on Windows

Windows lost nearly a full percentage point of market share for the second month in a row in December, pushing Microsoft Corp.'s operating system to a new low, an Internet measurement company reported yesterday.

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meepmoopmeep3359d ago

i'm sure the popularity of the iPod is helping this.
it made Apple a household name.

jack who3359d ago

Windows lost nearly a full percentage point of market share

i lol'd

Bladestar3358d ago

and it took them lots and lots of, "Hello I am a PC.." and windows bashing to get that 1%... let's see what they are going to do when Windows 7 comes out.

solidt123358d ago

I love my Mac. But i need my PC.

Kami3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

why do people buy macs anyway?
lol. NO
you forgot to mention:
Overpriced hardware, Overpriced software. etc

DJ3358d ago

Easy, reliable, great Operating System. Looks sleek too.

Vecta3358d ago

because some people like more style instead of substance

Rhythmattic3358d ago

People Like me Buy a Mac for Logic Pro.

As a console or PC is for Gaming, for me a Mac Is For Music.

Viper73358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

MAC has pretty positive image these days, their new operating system seems really great and has plenty of neat functions that even i have installed for my Linux Ubuntu ( Launch bar + 4 x workspaces = epic win).

Mac OS X seems like really innovative os, with loads of cool built in features.
It probably tells a lot that most of Vistas features where actually taken from os x, (don't believe me? ).
Probably not so good choice for gamer but for those who want their jobs done its seems like a great option.

I am a bit more of a Linux supporter myself, Mac seems(note: seems) rather "closed" operating system (fact that has its pros and cons)
I like to feel that I have complete control over my workspace and applications.
Gotta check Mac out someday, as a student the amount we can spend cash is rather limited.

However I am very happy to see that MAC is doing well and brining some heat to Microsoft. More competition is never a bad thing.

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OOG3358d ago

lol I wonder if they figure out the priated Windows versions in these stats lol

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The story is too old to be commented.