Ultimate The Conduit Preview

This is a preview of The Conduit. It has every detail of the game in a well organize manner. Everything there is to know and more in just one place. If you are looking forward to this game, or don't know anything about it, you need to read this preview.

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Shnazzyone3426d ago

I can't wait to pick this title up. This is an excellent rundown of what this game currently offers. I dare say this could be to the wii that halo was to the xbox. Only without a payed online account to battle folks online.

LinuxGuru3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

# Full 16-TEV stage material pipeline using up to eight texture sources and a host of innovative blend operations.
# Allows complex vertex and pixel shaders.
# Bump Mapping.
# Reflection and Refraction.
# Light and Shadow Maps and Projections.
# Specular and Fresnel Effects.
# Missive and Iridescent Materials.
# Advance Alpha Blends.
# Gloss and Details Mapping.
# Motion Blur.
# Interactive Water with complex Surface Effects.
# Animated Textures.
# Advance Artificial Intelligence (AI)
# Depth of Field Effect.
# Heat Distortion
# Specularity

Ok after reading that list, this engine really isn't that bad. If a Wii game can have motion blur, depth of field, interactive water and heat distortion, then the "little game console that could" really isn't as crappy as I thought it was!


BrotherNick3426d ago

I think it's mostly the devs not utilizing the system well because wii market is more broad, and has more people new to gaming than in the last gen of games. I see the youngins going for more graphics in the future, but the oldies are happy with their sports and fit.

mastiffchild3426d ago

I've waited and waited for someone to make a truly great shooter with these controls. From the moment I set eyes on the "revolution" as it was then called I hoped they'd nail it. Now MP3 was a fabulous game(I'm a big Metroid fan from way back) but it's more than a shooter and lacking multiplayer(which shocked me at the time)didn't fit the bill. I played though MoHH2 and COD:WaW in the hope I'd get the FPS the Wii deserves but it never happened, not quite(got WaW for the Wii because on PS3 it just felt like a backwards step or a big WW2 expansion pack for COD4).
Honestly if they master the controls and get the multiplayer(sans friend codes ferchristsakes!)right(no gimping the numbers down to 4v4 this time), the Motion plus support and wii speak support works well then the SP can b lack lustre in many ways and they'll get away with it.
However, the onl worries I really have are over level layout and design as a few quibbles have been raised saying it's a bit by the numbers but I'll wait and see.
Lookswise it's as good as Wii gets right now, evryone who's played says thecontrols are tight so here's hoping for a FPS that does the right job.

Durffen3426d ago

"The little game console that could"

I've never heard that before, but that just sounds so perfect as a description/motto for the Wii. I might have too use that one more often.

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deno3426d ago

Day one purchase for me.

Gr813426d ago

About this game. It sounds very much like a "gamers game". We'll see how it turns out, but I'm very optimistic about it.