PSP Homebrew - FBA lbicelyne 1225 V12p2

Anyhow, here's what's new for this CPS1,2,3 and more emulator for the PSP (it sure is a lot):

* 081225: V12p2 Edition (Special Edition Christmas, Merry Christmas!) Released
* 1. Menu interface landscaping, adjust the location of the order, an increase of the background map. Please download the updated FBA4PSP.rar documents, there are matching Christmas background
* Adjust menu's position and order. Add wallpaper in menu mode. Please download the updated FBA4PSP.rar file.
* 2. To increase the game shots, and archive screenshot preview.
* Add screen shot and preview function.
* 3. To support the game screen without horizontal-vertical zoom level.
* You can zoom in / out the game screen as you wish now.
* 4. L and R keys can flip around
* L and R is working as page up and page down.

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