Metacritic Responds To Early Review Fiasco

Mike Hartnett on writes: "The other day a story made the front page of N4G showing how Xbox360 fanboys went ahead and gave Killzone 2 terrible reviews when the game still has over a month before its release. PS3 fans then followed suit by bringing down the yet to be released Halo Wars down to a mere 0.8 rating. I went ahead and shot Metacritic a message regarding this issue and they did indeed respond."

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fishd3512d ago

Anyone who buys a game based on metacritic's average score should be banned from gaming,as simple as that.

RPG Guy3512d ago

Though the site is effective when it comes to quickly looking up the major site like IGN, 1up, Gamepro, GameInformer, etc.

Basically, you should actually look through what makes up that average, read the reviews you deem legit and go from there. Try demos, rent the game if need-be. It isn't worth it to cost yourself a good experience by just going off some average score made up by half legit reviews, half fanboy site both for and against a product (aka Sonic reviews of any sort wanting the Hedgehog to die, or what will soon be Killzone 2 nitpicking).

By the way, I'm buying BOTH Killzone 2 and Halo Wars coming Feb 27-Mar 3. So lol @ the fanboys. Real Gamers FTW!

Highatus3512d ago

Doing the same RPG Guy when they are released.

lord_of_balrogs3512d ago

Wow they stop the practice, but this still means Halo Wars is stuck at an unfair 0.8. It's a lot easier to make up a 6 something then a 0.8.

Shadow Flare3512d ago

I'm more surprised the ps3 fanboys found a 360 game in 2009 to bring the scores down

SullyDrake3512d ago

If you're using reviews as a source of infomation when buying a game, you don't just look at the score, you actually have to read a few of the reviews, skim through them at least. If you're still not sure, download the demo or rent the game.

Never rely solely on reviews. Money under the table can change a review, but it can't change your opinion. Use your opinion when game shopping.

tda-danny3512d ago

Anyone who votes down a game that is yet to be released fails instantly...

waldopepper3512d ago

User reviews - yeh take them with a pinch of salt (especially if they're exclusives).

Press reviews though - perfectly acceptable to use the average scores to base decisions on.

ThichQuangDuck3512d ago

so many users give games 1/5 or 1/10 because they suck at it or it angered them one day. I just trust IGN most of the time and have agreed with their reviews thus far. Metacritic includes quite a few amateur review sites so why should it even be considered "credible". 360 fanboys are dumb for wasting their time and PS3 fanboys whining about this or acting as if this will change their decision to buy need to be quiet. Because I have a 360 and dont have a PS3 but am willing to say killzone 2 looks kick ass and gears of war 2 was slightly overhyped.

matchgrade3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

well it's the 360 fanboys' fault for not doing more damage while they had the chance. [/sarcasm]

i'm glad the early reviews are banned, but don't be whining about Halo Wars's 0.8 when 1) it was retaliation for an earlier wrongdoing, and 2) any score is an unfair score at this point, since neither game was released.

BattleAxe3512d ago

Metacritic should really be concerned about these types of reviews as its hurts their creadibility for giving consumers the proper information they need.

Genki3512d ago

Neither of them are acceptable, simply because you can't quantify all of the variables that make a game worthwhile. Enjoyment, control, sound, visuals, and the innumerable intangibles that go into the experiences are impossible to define through a number.

If you ask 50 different people what a 7 means to them, you'll get fifty different answers. Furthermore, each number means different things to the big publications and media outlets as well, which further taints the legitimacy and usefulness of these averages.

DaTruth3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I buy a game based on whether I think it will be good and if it has aspects I would enjoy. I thought Mercenaries would be enjoyable and I didn't listen to the reviews and I went and bought it; It sucked but that's the way it happens sometimes and I still don't listen to reviews and I still choose games based on my taste.
I also bought Lair cause someone on N4G said you get to fly down with a dragon and pwn a bunch of little soldiers and I thought that would be cool, it was cool and it was worth it on that alone and if they weren't always harassing you to do something else and ending the game when you don't get to it fast enough it would have been better.

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Sony PlayStation 33512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I still want to know why the hell they ever allowed User Reviews/Scores for an unreleased game in the first place

If a game has NOT been released to the public, why let the public review it?! OBVIOUSLY the reviews/scores (good or bad) are gonna be completely bogus.

Seriously! KillZone 2 doesn't come for another 1 month and 23 days so WHY LET USERES PREMATURELY REVIEW A GAME! No matter what it's going to be a fake review! Finally they learned and are going to only enable the option once the game is actually released!


BWS19823511d ago

reminds me of the religious fanatics in the Middle bombed us first...well you took out our supply depots....well you killed civilians before that....We did that in response of the bus bombing..... GET OVER IT!

DaTruth3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

We bombed the bus cause you bulldozed our houses killed our family members and stole our land; Ya that's how it all started! You're right we'll just get over that! No homes, kicked into refugee camps and living in squaller.

SL1M DADDY3511d ago

The fanboy wars rage on. I find it funny but at the same time disturbing. There are just too many fankids and fan-idiots out there that take this console thing too seriously.

No Way3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Ohhh, Good One! So Hilari-- No. -.-

I'm more surprised that the PS3 fanboys are trying to use the "x360 has no games" excuse now. Let me refresh your memory, and in case you didn't know it's January 5th of 2009, MS does not announce games until they are close to release or in the same year as release.

It has happened everyyyy yeeeear since the x360 has been out, so why are you guys starting now? I don't get it.. o.O

The PS3 had no games at one point, and look at it now.. Plenty!

But, I know blah blah, the x360 fans did it so now its your turn.. right?
Yeah, yeah.. I get it.

@SL1M DADDY - Agreed. It's never going to end. =(

No Way3511d ago

Woah, uhm, geez, yo.. What in the HELL are you talking about? Ha.

"Halo Wars looks stupid. You might as well burn your money."
You look stupid, why don't you burn your.. face? Have you even looked at the game? Halo was meant to be an RTS in the beginning anyway, and now that they are making it, it surly is in the hands of some Great RTS Developers, Ensemble Studios.

"Halo =/= Star Wars" Uhm.. what? They are not even similar.... o.O

"What's with the stupid spin offs?" Ugh? Go spin in circles for a few more minutes, maybe then you will negate your dizziness and stupidity.

Bro, seriously, what are you talking about? Please.. Enlighten me.

Itrguy0013511d ago

so i could bomb your house every day and you wouldnt care and you would get over it?

prowiew3511d ago

Wow. 0.6! Im not buying halo wars

andron6663511d ago

Why do they allow user voting and reviews before the game is even out? They get hits out of this, thats why.

It would make it less fun for the pathetic fanboys to abuse the system, and stop the pointless voting "wars" prior to games release at least...

sloth4urluv3511d ago

Ill look at the metacritic score if im unfamiliar with the game, but I wont buy based on the score.

Fanboys are lame (all of them)
Why waste your time voting against a game thats not on your system, why are you even caring about the game in the first place?

monkpunk13511d ago

Reviews were consistent. now there are too many people trying to make a name for themselves in the gaming industry. I used to use them as my bible to getting games, now i just ignore most of them and stick with one or two sites/magazines and believe me the meta user average score is not one of them.

TheDude2dot03511d ago

Wow my comment was deleted? Good job mods. You don't want to ban stupid people who post here all the time but you delete my post. Halo Wars DOES look dumb. Want to know why? It's a RTS game on a console that is using Halo stuff. When has that ever worked?

BIGBAER3511d ago

[BEGIN QUOTE] Neither of them are acceptable, simply because you can't quantify all of the variables that make a game worthwhile. Enjoyment, control, sound, visuals, and the innumerable intangibles that go into the experiences are impossible to define through a number.

If you ask 50 different people what a 7 means to them, you'll get fifty different answers. Furthermore, each number means different things to the big publications and media outlets as well, which further taints the legitimacy and usefulness of these averages. [END QUOTE]

Very true. Even with regards to editorial reviews from major sources, game reviews are subjective at best. The only real value from a game review is when a detailed description of gameplay and environment is provided. EVERYONE likes---or dislikes various elements of any game discussed. Too much emphasis is placed on the scoring systems used.

BleuStreeks3511d ago

Yea basing your gamin purchases only off of metacritic just shows a lack of education on your part regardless of whatever system you buy for.

JeffGUNZ3511d ago

I think it is really funny how all you little pansy fanboys were doing this to Gears 2 and laughing the whole time and now it is happening to one of your games and you all get defensive. There is no wrong in a fanboys eyes. God, I hate nerds.


Its a flock of fanboys. so many birds, so little alka seltzer

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Hiruma Youchi3512d ago

``Is it just me, or is this generation home to the most heated fanboy war of all time?``

It is.

PirateThom3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

No, it's not.

The Nintendo/Sega rivalry of the 90s was far more heated.

This "console war" is the equivalent of two 8 year old kids slapping each other and calling each other names.

NJShadow3512d ago

True. The problem with this generation is the power of the internet. I don't think people were as quick to open their mouth back in the Genesis/SNES days due to the fact that the base they were trying to influence wasn't all tat big, but know with a review only a few keystrokes and clicks away, everybody is getting in on the action, including the the immature gamers/reviewers. I will say though, being a fanboy was more fun then cause' it was basically you against your FRIENDS, now you have to listen to people who are willing to be complete jerks about the whole thing...

lordgodalming3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

@2.0: That quote jumped out at me too. Regardless of whether it's the "most heated" or not, the sheer glut of gaming news and editorial sites is certainly the reason for most of the animosity between sides.

@PirateThom: "The Nintendo/Sega rivalry of the 90s was far more heated." And far more valid because of the many, many exclusives each console offered, as well as the pronounced differences between games that did appear on each system. Those were the days.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go play my console of choice without worrying about how many other people have made the same or different gaming choices. Christmas was good to me.

Unicron3512d ago

I have to disagree Pirate. I feel things have gotten horribly worse with this gen, especially once NPD started making their numbers public. It seems to be all anyone cares about.

Back in the olden days, you had to argue your point in person, and it was about who was cooler, Goro or Sagat, not what title sold more. I couldn't tell you how many SNES consoles were sold to this day man. We just didn't care back then.

Today, "gamers" are hate filled, spiteful fear mongers worried and jealous of every little thing for or against their console of choice.

Jake the Muss3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

"The problem with this generation is the power of the internet." – That’s the smartest comment I’ve read on N4G today, mate.

There has always been fierce rivalry in the past as well as the present, with supporters on both sides as passionate and unyielding as their predecessors. But like NJShadow said, the power of the internet, (and more specifically) the accessibility and freedom of information, has now allowed for any man with a computer and internet connection to become a amateur journalist, a self appointed industry analysist, a one man army for opinions and unyielding perceptions, be it “RROD” or “Blu-ray is doomed” articles.

Sony and Microsoft are not entirely unique in this regard – see rivalry between Boeing and Airbus (you think Alan Greenburg is bad?), Porsche and Nissan, even any democratically elected party spreading obscenities and lies about each other in order to have their 5 minutes of fame. 10 years ago no-one had heard of a social networking site, now many prospective employers use such tools of information to covertly gather information about potential employees personal lives.

With the spread of power of the internet and subsequent accessibility of information, comes the responsibility to use it wisely. Unfortunately, there is always a small minority that chooses to abuse such privilege and the sad logic that posters like PP and Nasim don’t understand is, is that only their few fellow fanboys will give them any respect while the rest of the developed world looks on them with bemusement and shaking of heads, like I suspect the Metacritic staff do.

elorm93512d ago

u can blame teh internetz its serious buisnezz

Bonsai12143512d ago

nah, its not. fanboys these days are spineless. back in the day, people actually fought. we didn't have internets. now everyone hides behind their computer screen.

ash_divine3512d ago

"Today, "gamers" are hate filled, spiteful fear mongers worried and jealous of every little thing for or against their console of choice."

totally agree. everyone's allowed to have a preference but things have totally gotten ridiculous these days.

Fallen_Angel3511d ago

the 16 bit wars were nothing compared to this. If fact I dont really remember to many gamers actually caring what system a game was on it was either good or bad.

The sony build up a huge fanbase with the ps1&2 and it was pretty easy and nothing else came close to the ps1 or ps2. Now the 360 and Wii have put an end to the ps rule. Making many of the fans extreme mad. To top it of a lot of idoits have a deep hatred of MS for no logically reason. Other then maybe the think its cool its not its pathetic.

These in turn making the 360 owners pissed off but its clear that ps3 fanboys are the ones keep the war goin. Lol at the 2 games KZ2 for ps3 6.3 (last I looked) vs 0.8 for the 360.

Sevir043511d ago

Reading your comment gave me Hope For N4G.. It's seriously has gotten out of hand. and i agree Fanboy in the industry are what is really ripping the industry apart, since the news is now 1 click away via the Internet. The Fanboys outside the industry via forums can begin to appoint themselves as the facts based on what some journalist says even if it's biased and wrong to begin with. with this rapid incline of what i call "Opinionated Fact" yep, Fanboys spew this all the time, This is what you'll see years down the line. and unfortunately this Kind of behavior will eventually effect consumer purchases, and false advertising for products in this because fanboys hold such an allegiance to there prefered form entertainment, they will likely try to infulence evryone with there "opinionated Fact". in anycase There's not much we here can do. Fanboys out number the more down to earther gamers on the internet.

Good post though, Hts plenty of value points about this current gen of gaming.

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Mitch_Cumstein3512d ago

Too many gamers look at only ONE thing when it comes to reviews- THE OVERALL NUMBER/LETTER

A 1st grader could look at all the user reviews and tell which ones are accurate and which ones are false. That is why I love sites like Kotaku that do not give a number or letter grade when they review a game. They simply point out the likes and dislikes and give an overall summary on how they like the game as a whole.

Another reason this is a problem is because fanboys from both sides are prone to getting their butts hurt, because they are insecure individuals that cannot think and reason for themselves.
User reviews getting rated low to sabotage are not the only problem. Fanboys will also give the game they like a really high score just because it is on their favorite system.

So how do you fix all this? Simple. Quite being stupid, quit being insecure and just use a little common sense. And for the love of GOD READ THE F'N REVIEW.

Unicron3512d ago

I actually have to agree with you, entirely.

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