Test Freaks: Guitar Hero World Tour Review

Test Freaks writes: "Are you ready to rock?! Music games have become wildly popular, and I can understand why, they're just a ton of fun, and allow people to get together and enjoy music and games. If you've paid attention to my reviews then you'll know I love music, and I love playing games, combining the two gives me a chance to really enjoy myself, let my hair down and relive my errant, head banging youth, which some part of me still hasn't grown out of…

The Guitar Hero series is wildly successful, and with good reason, it's tons of fun and it's got some great music to go with it. Today I've got Guitar Hero World Tour for review, it's the latest edition to the series of games from Activision and Red Octane. My initial impressions of GH-WT were those of excitement, and immense enjoyment, I even went and got Metallica Death Magnetic from the GH store, but those initial reactions soon turned to those of frustration and anger, after only about eight hours of play the guitar was broke…"

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