N4G Vs Digg: Which One Provides Better Gaming News?

CinemaBlend: "It's interesting that in today's fast-paced, too-busy-to-stop-for-anything lifestyle many of us maintain, we're always looking for an easy way to get what we want. In regards to gaming news, most gamers would prefer RSS feeds or gathering news from aggregators to cut down on filtering through crap. The only problem is -- with the two biggest aggregators providing the most gaming news available for gamers -- does either one really provide good gaming news for gamers?

If you're into keeping up with the latest headlines in the gaming industry, you definitely have a few subscriptions to a couple of print publications, or you're a user of a news aggregator. There's just too much news flowing out of the industry to maintain an informed position on gaming without an aggregator. Sadly, even here at Blend Games we can't keep up with everything happening within the industry."

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Shadow Flare3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

Looking over the past weeks news on n4g, everyday consisted of american fanboy media harping on about how the ps3 is doomed and how bluray is dying, when the facts thenselves show the opposite. You'd think ps3 had a million things wrong with it. No, it just needs a price cut. 360 has more things wrong with it. It just happens to sell better now after its second price cut in 2008. And bluray is selling 5x better then dvd. So when "news" like that crawls its way onto this site 10 times a day, everyday, i begin to wonder....

DRUDOG3451d ago

The more obscure stuff might not hit the front page, but most of it does get submitted. Take one look at the pending pages to see all the diverse stuff that hits this site.

Look at most PSP or Wii articles that don't attract flamers and you'll actually find some really good comments to read. N4G is what you make of it and although there is still way too much RROD or PS3 doom & gloom, I think it's still the best thing going.

La Chance3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

"Looking over the past weeks news on n4g, everyday consisted of american fanboy media harping on about how the ps3 is doomed and how bluray is dying, when the" bla bla bla

whine whine whine

Why the heck weren't you crying and whining like a freaking baby when for months and months the ONLY news we had on n4g was

- "360 is going to die soon"

- "360 is dead"

- "17 year old Joe got RROD"

- "should MSFT back out after 360 ?"

and all the other similar nonsense.

Where were you ? Please tell me why weren't you whining back then huh ?

Its simply incredible to see you guys complain and act like victims when we had the very same articles for the 360 for months and months especially starting end 2007 and yoyu guys were all in there celebrating like a bunch of fools acting like you actually know something when you're just a bunch of close minded diehards.

If you want to whine and complain and least dont act like a cheap low life hypocrite like right now.We get a whole lot of useless and bad articles on N4G.It goes both ways but of course you too in love with dear Sony to see that

That said even though this site is completely run by Sony fan boys patting each other on the back and trying to convince themselves of I dont know what N4G is a great site.

Probably one of the best gaming sites that I know

Mr Fancy Pants3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

I been around N4G for quite some time and I have never seen anything like last week when the entire front page consisted of articles about how Sony's going to fail in 2009 or how dead the sales were on Christmas.

La Chance when was the last time the X360 had an entire week with the front page filled with hate from the Media? Because this is not the first time for the PS3...

No wonder you have less bubbles than me.

uxo223451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

You lost all credibility with me the minute you isolated the "American Fanboy". The first thing it does is make you look ignorant as hell. The second thing it does is make you look like a moron.

Had you just said fanboys I could validate your comments, but since you are trying to single out american fanboys and not fanboys from other places, I'll just comment directly to you by say "GO TO HELL".

Willio3451d ago

Im sorry to say this but MS 360s still do RROD. Thats a truth. If people still believe RRODs do not occur as often because of the Jasper units, then why hasnt MS post their failure rate? Its because they dont want everyday consumers to know. People can claim Novemeber sales of PS3 were bad in comparison to last year. Thats also a truth. You can blame to competitive pricing, spin it however you want. However, all the death to blu-ray articles were speculations without much evidence to back it up. Infact, many articles proved it otherwise.

Last but not least, you act all high and mighty as if you are not a fanboy with an unbiased attitude. Granted, you use spell check now but when you state "Its simply incredible to see you guys complain and act like victims when we...," you lost all credibility. You too are a hyprocrit for stating "we" as a xbox360 fanboy.

3451d ago
Bnet3433451d ago

I never go to Digg for news. I only go to Digg to look at the top 10 Diggs of the day, read the comments, and get a good laugh. I don't care if N4G is full of fanboys or w/e, I still represent this site. I've been here since day one! GAF is next b*tches!

Saint Sony3450d ago

And what kind of "news" is this article anyhow?.. comparison of 2 totally different sites?

plenty a tool3450d ago

nothing can be worse than N4G surely??!!

shadowflare: cry me a river, you are all over every 360 thread rrod, disc scratching why pay for live, yet gripe when there's a few negative ps3 threads lol. hypocrisy at it's finest.

3450d ago
N4360G3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

N4G ya Digg? LOL the fanboys make N4G a better gaming website.Things would be so boring around here if there were no fanboys.

TheDude2dot03450d ago

Digg > N4g

The only thing people do here is nag each other about which system is better.

The Lazy One3450d ago

When too human came out it covered the whole front page with negative 360 news. So much so that any positive review of the game actually got flamed by sony fanboys.

In fact, most of this summer the front page was just one big anti-360 advertisement.

At least the PS3/Blu-Ray articles have some sense of logic with them. Microsoft is making more money than ever off their gaming division (sans the 3 year extended warranty), and it still got the "360 is dead" articles.

Sony's stuck behind strong competition and emerging competition with a more expensive product that it's losing money on in a recession while it's trying to cut spending to make up for it's other divisions. That goes for both the PS3 and Blu-Ray. I'll get disagrees for it, but you can only do so much to convince an ostrich there's nothing there when it's got its head buried in the sand.

Willio3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Too Human was justifiably covered with neggative reviews because the general concensus found the game boring. The same goes with Lair. I wouldnt stretch and say the whole summer was as an anti-360 campaign because the games during that time were infact not so great. Even MGS4 was attacked because of its extended movie cutscenes but that was deemed ok to the public.

As for bias articles pertaining "[insert] console as dead," those were articles only to fuel the flame to generate hits. To claim "PS3 is dead" articles having more logical explanation may seem erroneous because console sales at that time were higher than their counterpart, MS 360. In addition, dont quote me if im wrong but all companies within the first several years sell their consoles at a loss while software sells generate revenue excluding possibly the Wii. The "360 is dead" articles were wrong too because as you mention, they are generating revenue off hardware sales. We will always see "dead" articles until a new console is created, but in reality none of them are dying except Sega lol.

As for Sony cutting expenses on the PS3 and Blu-ray to make up for the other divisions seemed debatable because as a spectator, we will never know the true reasons behind it and what cuts are made. Furthermore, Sony does not publicly announce how their money is spent behind the scenes whereas Microsoft's incentive spending can be seen through the early adoption of multiplatforms and DLCs. In addition, Sony's stock is ahead by two points to Microsoft's stock. That alone prooved Sony is not dead and will be a strong competetor in the future. However, i do agree Sony loss an oppurtunity to gain revenue because of the recession with a higher market price on their console (which was partly to be blamed by Microsoft's smart price cut).

The Lazy One3449d ago

The game wasn't that boring. Have you played it? or are you assuming it's boring based off the negative reviews that plastered this site for 2 weeks? That was by far a bigger media sh!tstorm than anything related to PS3 right now.

That still doesn't account for every other week this past summer where "RROD" "360 is dead" "M$ is ruining games" covered the front page, and I guarantee you none of those came from places like CNN and NYTimes.

Willio3449d ago

I played the Demo and yes I did not like it, but does that matter? I stated the "General concensus" found it boring, not my personal opinion. If we can not use media outlets to assist our purchases with reviews, why would one buy a game blindly for $60. Too Human had neggative media outings because it was infact "boring" to the public. This is speculative but there is a possiblity during the summer, there was nothing to report except the game "Too Human."

As for "RROD" "360 is dead" "M$ is ruining games" articles, RROD stories for the most part do happen. Granted, most of the articles come from blogs without sufficient evidence to back it up. However, people denying the fact of RROD are ignorant or naive to believe so. The failure rate is there, MS just wont state it.

The 360 is dead articles are purely opionated stories with bias analysts clamoring to their beliefs, which in the end are FUBAR stories. Please read above from my previous comment which explained why "dead" articles makes no sense.

MS ruining games are opionated articles. However, there are a rare occasion of a few stories that proved their case with valid points. The one fear I had with multiplatforms was limiting the capabilities of gameplay and graphics from one console to another.

Last but not least, of course people would not see any neggative views for MS from CNN. Thats because they have been attacking Sony since their gaming branch was invented. Their first articles were about a mother allowing her son to be ripped off at a Gamestop by buying and selling PS3/Xbox360 consoles while at the same time, illegally selling a World of Warcraft account to generate flamebait hits. If you ask me, thats an unproffesional websource for gaming media. I can not vouch for NYTimes though because I dont read it.

This may seem farfetched to true gamers such as us, but it all comes down to money in the end. Look at Kotaku for example, most of their articles bash Sony on a daily basis. However, Sony's current advertisement investments on their website changed the editors reviews from neggative to neutral.

The Lazy One3449d ago

"thats because they have been attacking Sony since their gaming branch was invented. Their first articles were about a mother allowing her son to be ripped off at a Gamestop by buying and selling PS3/Xbox360 consoles while at the same time, illegally selling a World of Warcraft account to generate flamebait hits. If you ask me, thats an unproffesional websource for gaming media."

How does that attack sony? It was a gamestop attack. But if CNN and the NY times don't do it for you, how about the wallstreet journal? These are all credible news sources that might not know games, but know business. I think they'd have a better idea on major business moves than

Willio3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

The CNN article indirectly or directly (depending on one's interpretation) attacked Sony stating it was inferior and how her 12 yr. old child was making sound judgement moves (as if her child was the best analyst) by selling his PS3 for Xbox360 for the best value.
As a result, i despise "credible" news source such as CNN. For example, during the Obama vs. McCain debates, their newscast focused mainly on the neggative parts of both campaigns while failing to mention anything political [i.e., Obama's wife's quote taken out of context or the neggative portrayal of McCain's VP running mate (forgot her name)] or possitive news.

As for NYtimes and Wallstreet Journal, i agree they are credible sources but prying into the gaming industry without any research can net bad press. CNN is the perfect example. As i mentioned before, i have never read any of NYtimes or WSJ's articles on gaming, so i can not make any fair judgements. Those credible sources should stick to their strenghts (business) and avoid their weaknesses (gaming). Let the gaming websites review games or consoles. Last but not least, i personally do not use blogs for reviews with a few exceptions which goes with my personality but i do not represent everyone.

It was nice having an intellectual arguement with you. =)
Dont see that often here.

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happyface3451d ago

n4g has an embarrassing sony bias, but its still fun to check out for laughs

jwatt3451d ago

I actually like N4g! Even though there are a lot of ridiculous blogs on the site, I feel that I'm up to date on most of the major gaming news and I don't really have to go to other sites too often. I think gaming news get posted here rather quick.

3451d ago
Mozilla893451d ago

The community in the forums and in some cases here on the main site isn't bad. I've actually discussed many other things than games here too like politics or sports. Yeah there are probably more fanboys here but oh well. You'll find em lots of places.

Marceles3451d ago

I like N4G, it's news and comedy :). There might be alot of flamebait articles in-between the real news, but no gaming article is overlooked at N4G

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jack who3451d ago

its named news for gamers for a reason.....

now N4G Vs Digg: Which One Provides Better News for every thing else?

TheIneffableBob3451d ago

Digg, but the power user business is getting kind of ridiculous. The friends and shouts system needs a revamp to stop gaming.

N4G obviously wins for gaming since it's a site designed for gaming news.

Unicron3451d ago

I'm sorry but, the actual reality of N4G is a joke. It's a place where people submit blogs to battle other blogs, and fanboys run rampant in every talkback section without any kind of moderation. The concept is great, gathering news, but instead we have to wade through 3 - 4 useless topics (RROD, PS3 is doomed, BluRay is dead) to find anything actually about GAMES.

Rather pathetic.

elorm93451d ago

The mods aren't doing a good job of making sure that good stories are in the pipeline.

Max Power3451d ago

other peoples trash is another persons treasure.

Unicron3451d ago

In a sense Max. But when half of the submitted articles are just blog posts, which goes against the TOS of the actual site, and is still allowed, it makes you wonder.

elorm93451d ago

other peoples trash is another persons flamebait

RememberThe3573451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

Blogs make up the vast majority of gaming sites. Plus, many have better incite on games then the big sites. The problem is not blogs, it's the fanboy flame wars.

@below: Agreed.

Unicron3451d ago

The problem is poorly written fanboy blogs. And no, the "professional" media is just as biased.

Sickr3451d ago

The moderators really need to stop the blog spam that appears to filter here on a daily basis, and also start issuing the ban stick to idiotic posters who have nothing better to do than start a flame war.

Tsalagi3451d ago

They don't care. Flamebait drives up page hits and makes them money. Go look at some of the biggest flamebait articles on here and you'll see most of them we're pushed through by an admin even though most of the community voted against them.

Unicron3451d ago

A friend of mine called out the mods for doing such a thing, contradicting their own rules. He was promptly banned to the Open Zone and dropped 4 bubbles.

Interesting to say the least.

Syko3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Read number 4 and you guys will understand why you are so wrong. Also I notice many of you have not even taken the contributor test, So what exactly have you done lately to help improve the site. Sitting here whining does little I can assure you.

Also am I to understand that you want us to "Heavily" moderate a user driven site?! How exactly does that work? Doesn't that take the "User" out of the equation? If me and the fellow mods decide what gets through then it would no longer be a user driven site...and I can assure there would be crying about how "Biased" we all are.


karlostomy3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

-Syko 360-

I have PM'ed you a response. In the future give me more than 5 minutes to reply. I am not a robot. Thanks.

3450d ago
Cat3450d ago

Word to Webmasters and Bloggers
Submitting your stories to N4G can be a great way to promote your site and to gain new readers. When creating a news post linking to your site always refer to yourself or your site in third person. Do not write “we” or “I”, instead use your website’s name when referring to your article. Also don’t be too personal in your writing style, just write a clear and sober intro or description of your article. The text on N4G must give a clear picture of the news story and should contain some useful info. Do not only post teasers like “Want to know a secret about Halo 3? Read on and you will find out.”

Also keep in mind that our editors remain the right to change the link of your news post if your article is not the original source of the story. If the main url is changed your site will still get credit through a “Via Link”.

We recommend that you take advantage of the webmaster tools, this way your own readers can submit your stories to N4G in an easy way.

Sickr3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

"Also I notice many of you have not even taken the contributor test"

I apologize for my lack of observational skills with regards to this but where does one go to find the 'contributor test'?

Ok, issue solved. Found.

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ChefDejon3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

N4G craps all over Digg. the fanboys of n4g dont really bother me.