PSP Video Converter v3.40: subtitle and audio bugfixes, new features


Nick Swardh has tipped us off to a newly released version of his PSPVC app. The homebrew PSP video converter now stands at version 3.40 and contains quite a few new features and changes:

* Added a "Process Priority" selectbox
* Added a "Constant Quality Mode" in "Advanced"
* Added support for subtitles embedded in OGM videos
* Added option to save batch-list to file for later editing (if needed)
* Unlocked view of batch while converting
* PSPVC will now be placed in systray when minimized
* PSPVC will automatically be resized to fit small screen resolutions
* Fixed an 5:1 audio bug
* Fixed a subtitle-stream mapping bug
* Fixed a subtitle bug
* a bunch of misc improvements"

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