Spider-Man 3 First Look

With Sony's Spider-Man 3 swinging its way to theaters this May, there's been a fair amount of curiosity about Activision's upcoming game based on the anticipated flick. Little has been seen of the game since Activision showed off a teaser trailer at last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, which showcased the wallcrawler's character model. Now that more info is known on what director Sam Raimi has cooking for the epic third installment in the series, expectations for the game have grown exponentially.

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Covenant4319d ago

...but will the gameplay be any good? SM2 was pretty good, but Ultimate SM was a bit of a letdown. Oh well. As long as the MOVIE rocks, I'll be happy.

PS360PCROCKS4319d ago

Spiderman 2 was awesome, if they improve on that at all this will rock...and yea cant wait for this movie...wooo

headblackman4319d ago

i really hope that they improve on the visuals before this game is released :/

Rasputin20114319d ago

I totally agree spider-man 2 rocked but Ultimate sucked...and the movie looks sweet.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4318d ago

will be killed off in the third movie ( by Vemon or Maximum Carnage.)