VGM Socom: Confrontation Review

Sony's SOCOM franchise has a huge following among online shooter fans. In fact, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs was widely credited with bringing PC-style online matches to the home consoles when it was released in August 2002. The sequel- SOCOM II- sold nearly one million units in its first two months of release and improved upon the original in nearly every way. Many consider SOCOM II to be the pinnacle of the franchise as subsequent efforts such as SOCOM 3 and SOCOM: Combined Assault fell short with maps that were too big and vehicles which detracted from the core close combat urban warfare. Zipper Interactive, the developers of the beloved franchise, have handed over the reigns to Slant Six for the PS3 online-only version: SOCOM: Confrontation. Slant Six, recognizing the enormous expectations of SOCOM fans, undertook the project with the goal of returning the game to its roots; close combat with lots of narrow passageways and well developed maps. After spending hours with Confrontation, it appears that Slant Six accomplished their goals for the most part, as the game looks great and plays and feels like earlier versions of SOCOM, but misses out on some of the finer points that made SOCOM II a classic.

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