Sony To Announce PSP 2 This Year?

"There have been many modifications to the PlayStation Portable ever since it launched back in 2005, but there has yet to be an announcement of a TRUE next-generation portable gaming system from Sony. Sure they have added a couple new features to the PSP 2000 and 3000 but not to the extent of needing to upgrade. There are rumors of Sony announcing the next PlayStation Portable at E3 this year with a touch screen and of course upgrade hardware, but will this happen?"

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Cajun Chicken3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Damn! I've just got it figured. How stupid can I's a theory;
Ready at Dawn said they were going to stop making PSP games a while ago and so they did. However, recently RAD posted this relating to still having two titles in the PSP charts;

"Maybe we should reconsider this whole ‘no more PSP games’ thing because we seem to be pretty good at it :D"

Maybe, just maybe, they are indeed working on a launch PSP2 game instead of a PSP game, much like Daxter being one of the earliest PSP games announced, or just teasing about having a big console IP.

iamtehpwn3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

There's no need for PSP2 right now.

PSP2 will be announced 2012 +/-. And it'll arrive 2013. But earlier then that is insanity, when PSP is starting to make a come back right now.

RememberThe3573511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

If they don't announce a new PSP this year, it'll be next year.

I'm leaning toward a 2010 announcement.

DRUDOG3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

2012 seems a bit far off, but I do see Sony milking the PSP for all it's worth. I just don't see it this year or next since it's still selling well with some really good s/w coming in '09. Also, why drop the 3000 series only to "cut it's legs off" with a PSP2 announcement basically a year later?

So I guess what I'm saying is maybe we'll see it in 2011. :P

cereal_killa3510d ago

There's no need for PSP2 right now.

Your right just like there was no need for the DSi but that came out and now both DSs are selling like hotcakes DSlite sales will eventually drop off but for now Nintendo is scoring big time with almost everything they put out.

phosphor1123510d ago

Sony already debunked this rumor by saying no PSP2 was in the making.

Sony PlayStation 33510d ago

I'd rather hear about a PSP2 instead of a PSP 4000!

Seriously! Enough with the minor upgrades! If you're gonna make a PSP revision, make it big! I have the original PSP and I didn't pay another $200 for the slim PSP, I didn't pay another $160 for the PSP 3000 with a slightly better screen and I'm not gonna pay $160 for a PSP 4000 with something like better hand contouring and an improved headset jack!

If they're gonna revise the PSP and not make a PSP2, then they should make it a big improvement! Maybe have a HDD, second analog stick with the option (not requirement) for old and new games to use it as a control scheme, more memory card options like SD and microSD, much better battery time and some other stuff. Price it at $200 and I'll buy it! I'm not gonna keep paying $160-$200 for minor improvements!

gaffyh3510d ago

I'm guessing PSP2 announcement 2010. They just don't need it at the moment.

himdeel3510d ago

...I plan on getting a PSP ASAP and while touch-screen etc would be nice I cannot think of any decent game applications for it that aren't similar/Nintendo DS-like or related.

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Nathan Drake3511d ago


But I think a lot of people will be more surprised at what *features* Sony are going to bring to the PsP1 in 2009.

I_am_rushin3511d ago

Man I hate you. You're such a tease. Spill the beans already!

Sev3510d ago

It's true Sony will be upgrading the PSP yet again in 2009.

I am thinking GPS.

But wait, when did Nathan Fake become an "insider"?

Nick2120043511d ago

I understand what you are guys are saying but please be sure to read the article as it has a very good explanation of whether it will be announced this year or not.

Nathan Drake3511d ago

We did read the article.The PsP1 sold over 3 Million units in Japan alone last year(feels a bit strange talking about 08 being 'last year' so soon),Sony have the right people to show them figures detailing how many more units they can sell within the next year/next 2 years;So it's not like they,Sony that is,don't know when the right time to announce the PsP2 is.They might not =want= to announce it anytime soon,as announcing it will without a doubt hurt sales of the PsP1.

Running on the same business model,I can see the PsP1 selling 14-15 Million more units within the next year and a half(New software+new features will spark a new interest in the handheld).I think Sony will be more than pleased to end with 65 Million+ handhelds sold on their first attempt in the handheld videogaming market.

Is the PsP2 in development?Yes.Will Sony publicly announce PsP2 development in 2009,and possibly show a prototype of the thing?If they want to,they will.

TOO PAWNED3511d ago

NO! It is too early, and if look at 09 line up it seems to be best one yet on PSP, so why would they want to overshadow that with PSP2 announcement?
Next PSP? Maybe in 2010 or 2011

Nathan Drake3511d ago

I can't be the only one that sees the PsP experiencing a healthy software stream in 2009,sure,the majority of the software is from Japan,but since when was that a bad thing.

RPG Guy3511d ago

As Ready at Dawn put together Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier as the launch title for PSP2, consider me sold.