Jack Thompson Attempts to Get Disbarment Overruled in US Supreme Court

Jack Thompson has been making a lot of noise recently. First, he wanted to lead a shareholder revolt against Take-Two. Then he blamed Take-Two's stock slide on God's vengeance. (While ignoring the recent stock slides of Activision Blizzard, Take-Two, Midway, and others)

Now, he's fighting the Florida Supreme Court's decision to disbar him from practicing law by petitioning the United States Supreme Court.

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Cajun Chicken3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

This guy needs a screenplay written about him fast.

Played by Will Ferrel, box office hit guaranteed.

dannyhinote_133515d ago

An arrogant idiot would seem to fit the bill, and Ferrell has played that role many times. Nicely played, sir.

PrimordialSoupBase3515d ago

Karma's a b1tch, he will never work again.

Jager3515d ago

*Ring* Hello? Russian Mafia? Can you do a hit on someone?

avsrule3515d ago

I know you don't mean it, but saying stuff like that does reflect poorly on the gaming community...

Serg3515d ago

Just words, Jack Thompson claims we do that on a daily basis. Seriously though, if this guy would have a decent amount of brain cells he would realize that all his talking is bullshit. I guarantee you if every gamer would be a potential killer he would be dead and burried a long time ago. But he is very much alive and still on his idiotic witch hunt. If he would go after the Mafia... you know what would happen. And he has the nerves to put us in the same category.

RememberThe3573515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

HAHAHA. Good luck with that, a**hole.

richierich3515d ago

Jesus! does this guy ever quit?

Freakwave0033515d ago

The guy's like a Spartan.

Jack Thompson never retreats! Jack Thompson never surrenders!

Obama3515d ago

This is JACKTOMPSON! *Jack then kicks himself off the cliff*

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