Hardware Secrets: T-Mobile G1 Smartphone Review

Hardware Secrets writes: "Google, which has become a powerhouse in the search category, has developed a new cell phone operating system called Android, and T-Mobile's G1 cell phone is the first piece of hardware that uses this new operating system. With both touch screen and built-in keyboard, the G1 is set to take on the Blackberry as well as the iPhone."


* Sturdy build
* Good telephone call quality
* Three ways to input choices and information: touch screen, keyboard, and scroll button
* Excellent Instant Messaging with Google Talk, Windows Live, AOL and Yahoo Messenger
* Excellent free marketplace for additional applications
* Very responsive to the touch as well as to auto rotation
* Replaceable battery
* One Volume control for different items
* MMS support
* Cut and paste support
* Voice calling
* Good picture quality


* Poor battery life
* Poorly marked keyboard
* No Microsoft Exchange e-mail connectivity
* Nonstandard headphone jack
* No video player

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