Street Fighter IV Review - writes "Street Fighter is without a doubt the most prolific and influential fighting game franchise. Since 1991, when Street Fighter 2 was released, the gaming world has eagerly fed quarter after quarter into the Capcom's arcade cabinets. As the series continued Capcom was sparing with it's numbered sequels, releasing 6 iterations of Street Fighter 2 before finally dropping Street Fighter 3 in 1997. It's been over a decade since the last numbered sequel, and while there has been a handful of spinoff games, fans have been hungry for Street Fighter 4."

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user94220773454d ago

Finally, a great fighter coming both for the PS3 and 360.

pushingplay3454d ago

This game is gonna clean up!

It's even getting released on the PC!

tatotiburon3454d ago

wow best fighting game of this gen?

Sonyslave33454d ago

man sf4, tekken 6, and if ki3 come out in 09 wow fighter overload

Sevir043454d ago

I cant wait for SF4, SSF2THD:Remix was Utter rubbish. I hated it like a dose of cancer sticks a total waste of my 15 bucks

Swiftfox3454d ago

May I ask why you didn't like it? I personally found it enjoyable, except for my horrid online connection.

MashedButtons3454d ago

really ? I thought SF HD RMX was pretty good..... if you liked the original anyway