What the PS3 Needs To Accomplish In 2009

Recently TGS covered what the Xbox 360 must do to be the big console of 2009. Well, now it is the PS3's turn. So what can the PS3 do to become the top console of 2009?

TGS takes a look at 3 things that Sony must prioritize for the PS3.

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DragonWarrior465343425d ago

They need to have an xbox live kinda service, or they will only be in world of hurt till they do.

Elven63425d ago

Make sense, although Live also took a step forward with the NXE by giving you a reason to go Gold other then exclusive demos and online gaming, a very small step albeit.

Graphics Whore3425d ago

Placing PSN where it is now the differences are relatively small except one service charges you to pay online and one does not.


All it needs is a price cut.£250 ps3 will sell like hot cakes. But its not gonna happen any time soon...

Faztkiller3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

No one reason i like ps3 is because psn better than xbox live (live goes down to much) IMO
only thing it needs from live is cross game chat and invites for some people

MasFlowKiller3425d ago

What Sony really needs is to improve the network, we have the tittles, hay we have the best 08 lineup and 09 is look to be just as good but with tittle like little big planet, mag, warhawk and socom that are really heavy on online it would be just smart to make the network more reliable.

gw4k3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Yes, they do need a Xbox live sort of system. They simply have to have it.

The PSN network is lagging very far behind the Live network. The entire system is slow, buggy, and very laggy!

Sending messages is a hassle. No Voice messages! WTF?

Sony needs to do lots of work for the PS3 to succeed. As it stands, everyone knows that it is falling behind and in the age of multiplayer games, they have to focus on this.

A good example of Socom. WTF? I seriously want a refund. It simply shows us how poor the whole network is.

All games are slow to login, slow to join, slow to load. Clan support? Some games have this, some do not. All have a very poor implantation of this system. Joining friends is the biggest pain in the arse I have ever seen!

I would pay for a system like Live! You would too.

Also, do I need to talk about the games with their poor record tracking/keeping? How many of you have had your stats reset on Resistance 2? Warhawk? Should I keep going?

Ok I will, lets talk about trophies. SUCKO!!!!

Slow to load, incredibly slow to compare...just plain terrible! TERRIBLE!

Nuff said, I am right.

Response to the dude below. Oh ok, some games do well smoothly. Resistance and Warhawk. Warhawk is awesome. But with the game of Resistance 2, the Game looks like complete NUMBER 2! Just terrible! I looks like a mod for counterstrike or something.

Also, hundreds of enemies? What? Haha, Have you played the game? Maybe 30 or 40 at max! It can do this because it looks like HELL!

You are taking my lagging comments to heart of Resistance. Settle down, resistance plays well but the system is still flawed. I know many players who have lost their stats, if you have even played it you may have lost yours. If not, you will.

ThatCanadianGuy3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

"The PSN network is lagging very far behind the Live network. The entire system is slow, buggy, and very laggy!"

That's where i stopped reading.When i play games like Warhawk in giant maps with fighter planes flying inches by each other,missiles and bombs flying everywhere,tanks on the ground blowing everything up.Tons of infantry running around capturing bases taking flags.I have to stop sometimes and Just think to myself..WOW! I can't believe there's no lag in this.At all.

Then there's resistance 2...8 player co op.Literally 100's of enemies on screen And this isn't some L4D lame zombies that try to run up and attack you.

These are full blown armies of aliens with guns charging at you,flanking you,some even t-bagging you when they kill you.

Imagine 100 enemies running up to you,all shooting at once.
All you see is a wave of red & blue lazers flying at you.Meanwhile you have 3 story tall bosses stomping around kicking ass.All the while there's NO LAG.

Imagine that..NO LAG.Comparing to Gears of war 2's incredible 5vs5 where it's basically unplayable.

Bubble Buddy3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

The only game that didn't run smoothly for me on PSN was Rainbow Six Veags, which i sold, and sometimes Resistance 2. The rest is perfect, no complaints. All Sony needs is Cross-game chat, and in-game for music for all games and I'll be happy :P.

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Fishy Fingers3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Private chat up to 8 players and a standard (cross game) invite method. That's all I want, and realistically not much to ask.

They should have come before Home IMO.

DRUDOG3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Agree Fishy. I'd also love to see more remote play support, more/better PS1 games and add some sort of value (maybe monetary, although not likely) for trophies. Give gamers even more incentive to get trophies and do it on a PS3. While were at, they need to add trophies to PSP games as well since the store, website and some games link together under one account.

Also, I don't think they need to push BD anymore than is already done. They need to advertise what the PS3/PSP can do and advertise games more. People still don't know what the machine is capable of doing it seems.

Radiodread3425d ago


Sonyslave33425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

dont get left behind

Graphics Whore3425d ago

You keep making new accounts, maybe it's time to get the hint.

Shadow Flare3425d ago

Don't get left behind in the graphics department, 360

pp3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

How about bowing out of the console race with some respect because it's embarrassing watching Sony being in dead last place.

Yes i did enjoy Banjo Kazooie i buy game's not like you droids why do you think your in dead 3rd place because you don't buy games except watch your damn blu-ray sh*t.

Graphics Whore3425d ago

Did you enjoy Banjo Kazooie?

cereal_killa3425d ago

Of course he bought Banjo that's the only game his mommy will let him own beside Hello Kittie Island Adventure. PP if your mother only knew how you speak on here you would lose all you TV privileges and would have to go straight from school to your room.

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