VGC Review: Persona 4

VGC writes: "In a genre that is often berated for stagnation, the Persona series has been a wonderful shot in the arm. The mixing of JRPG and dating-sim genres in the series, while at first seeming like an ill thought out experiment, works so well that one wonders why this isn't more common. While the series may follow some of the often mocked staples of JRPGs (group of kids saving the day) it is hard to argue with the results, and Persona 4 is just another example of how amazing this series really is.

You play as a second year high school student who you can name whatever you care to, and who is currently in a train travelling to the countryside to live for a year in a small town with his uncle and cousin, since his parents are away. You go to school, make a couple of friends, and find out about a strange urban legend called "the Midnight Channel", which states that if you watch your TV screen at midnight while it's raining with the power off you will see the face of your true love."

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